Kayaking Kids

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A while ago, some of our friends invited us to try out their new kids kayaks, the Jackson Fun 1.  It was an opportunity we couldn’t resist and the kids LOVED it.  They felt so grown up using a real kayak that was actually their size.

To make it safe and give them an easy introduction, we just tied a rope to the back of the boat and walked along the shore while they paddled.  That way we could be right there in case there was a problem.  Okay, that’s not why…somehow between all the boats that we all took to the river that day, we only ended up with one paddle – OOPS!  Oh well, it worked out great anyway!


What makes these kayaks unique?  They’re made for kids as young as 2!

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  1. Just what we’ve been looking for. We’re both avid kayakers and want to get M his very own. I’m thinking of all the adventures we can go on already.

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