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That’s really what we’re all about!  Island

We’re a family of 7 who is constantly on the lookout for adventure and excitement.  With five kids, ages 11, 8, 6, 4, and 1, we’re constantly on the go.

After living as expats in the Middle East for over 3 years, we decided to take a year off from 2017-2018 and travel the world together.  During that year, we lived in 17 different countries and had some of the most amazing experiences EVER!

Our goal is to inspire other families to go after their dreams and to see more of the amazing wonders that are all over the world.  We figure if we can do it with 5 kids in tow, then pretty much anyone can do it!

Along the way, we are seeking out the very best and most amazing family adventures.  Follow along on our blog, Instagram, Facebook and new YouTube channel for updates!


We’re now taking some time to try out “normal life” for a while.  Settling down in one place for a while, but adventuring as often as we possibly can.


We’re here to give you great adventure advice, practical traveling tips, destination recommendations, gear reviews, and everything in between.  If it involves, adventure, travel, or kids, it’s right were we want to be!




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