40+ Healthy Snacks to Fuel Your Kids Adventures

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It’s no secret that if you put good things in your body, you’ll have more strength and energy. However, when you’re on the go with active kids, it’s often just easier to grab something quick and prepackaged and call it good. We’ve all been there. I can’t count the number of times that we’ve grabbed a handful of overly sweetened “granola bars” for a hike, and found everyone famished 30 minutes later (and crashing from a sugar rush).

40+ Healthy Snacks for Active Kids

If you want to truly revolutionize your adventures, make sure that you are giving your kids healthy snacks to help them stay active. I’m not joking when I say that changing the snacks that you take on adventures with your kids, will be a game changer in what you’re able to do. Whether you’re looking for healthy snacks for hiking with kids or nutritious snacks for kids on a road trip, we’ve got over 40 healthy snack suggestions for kids.

We’ve specifically included a lot of high protein snacks for kids and low sugar snacks for kids to help them have energy that lasts throughout the day.

Once you fill your kids up with healthy food they’ll suddenly be able to bike longer, hike farther, and maybe even run faster (or so my 6-year-old keeps telling me). Even if you’re just looking for a healthy after school snack, or a healthy lunchbox treat, you’ll find something for everyone here.

We’ve included our favorite recipes for trail mix, fruity snacks, energy balls, muffins, and even some healthy desserts. They all taste so great that your kids will never know that they’re fueling their body!

Here are some of our favorite kid approved healthy snacks to fuel your family on your next adventure:

Fruity Snacks

Not to be confused with prepackaged fruit snacks, these fruit based snacks are all about the goodness found in natural fruits.

Trail Mix Ideas

Trail mix is one of my favorite things to feed kids on adventures. It's a great way to pack in lots of nutrition with nuts and dried fruit, and can be customized for everyone's tastes. Here are some of our favorite trail mix recipes.

Granola Bars and Granola

Granola bars and granola are one of the easiest things to grab for an adventure. Skip the overly sweetened ones at the store and whip up some of these healthy granola bars and granolas instead.

Energy Balls

If my kids had their way, we would take energy balls on every single adventure we go on. They pack a serious punch with lots of protein, and still satisfy their little sweet tooths, with healthy sweeteners. There are so many amazing recipes out there that we had to include a bunch - just because they're all SO GOOD!

Savory Snacks

Not in the mood for a sweet treat? These are the snacks that you'll love!


Muffins are a great little baked treat, that can be packed full of nutrition and energy. With any recipe, you can almost always substitute whole wheat or almond flour for extra nutrition, and pack in extra fruits, veggies and nuts.

Healthy Desserts

Don't tell your kids that these desserts are actually healthy. Let them just enjoy the delicious flavors, without knowing they're actually fueling their body!

40 Healthy Snacks To Take on Adventures
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