Merino Wool T-Shirts by Chasing Windmills Review

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Merino Wool T-Shirts by Chasing Windmills $38

You’ve heard us talk about merino wool in the past here, herehere, and here.  We honestly love it.  Whether we’re traveling or adventuring, it’s a staple for each of us because its small, insulates, drys fast, and doesn’t stink.  It’s like a moms dream come true.


But did you know that merino wool is good for more than just  cold weather?  Well, we are living proof of that.  These merino t shirts are soft and comfy and most of all super breathable and dry incredibly fast.  I love them.  Well, actually, my super sensitive 4-year-old loves them more.  He has pretty sensitive skin and if something is too rough or the texture is odd, he simply won’t wear it.  Well, this shirt is worn as often as it’s clean, and often when it’s not.


We have put these shirts to the test and I keep loving and loving on these.  On our last trip, we decided to go super light and allowed everyone to pack just 3 shirts for 2 weeks.  What that meant was lots of in the sink laundry for me.  Well, even though I was very picky about taking only clothes that dried fast, with the humidity of Maldives and Sri Lanka, these were the only shirts that we had (for the 6 of us) that could dry in one night.  It was a lifesaver.  I’m pretty sure that my boys wore these at least every other day if not more.

So for a shirt that’s breathable, dries fast, is super comfy, and that the kids love and can wear year round (it would be great as a thin, breathable base layer to keep the core comfortable in the winter), I feel like it’s $38 well spent.  


These shirts come in a size 3months up to 5T.  I feel like they run pretty true to size without being overly baggy so the style would work well for both boys and girls.  I wish that they came in larger sizes, so that would be fantastic to see in the future for this great family company.

My biggest wish, however, is that they came in darker colors to hide the dirt that my 2 little ones are constantly covered in!

If you’re looking for something to keep your kiddos a little warmer this winter, they have the most gorgeous long johns that I am completely smitten with (just follow them on instagram and you’ll fall in love with them too!)  If anyone is thinking they want to get us a baby gift for baby #5, let’s just say I’d be completely thrilled with anything (ahem, everything) from Chasing Windmills!


Also, take note, that you do need to be very gentle with these.  Wash on delicate (or just hand wash – they come clean very easily,) and hang dry.  I made the mistake once of putting one of them in our horrible top leading washer on the heavy setting and I ended up with several pin-holes in it (our horrible washer + our desalinized water is incredibly hard on clothes and it does happen occasionally).  So, if you have extra hard water, or are cursed with a bad washing machine like mine, just take note!  It was a tragic day…but my son still wears it all the time because it’s a “camping shirt” and he adores it!  So, for now, we just hand wash them and they are doing great.  I fully anticipate them to stay in our regular clothes rotation for the next 4 years when all of the boys outgrow them.


These shirts were provided for us for review purposes.

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