Hydro Flask 64 oz Growler Review

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Hydro Flask 64oz Insulated Growler $59.95

No, this is not just another water bottle – this is a game changer.  As ridiculous as this may sound, I am completely smitten by this insulated water bottle, and think it’s worth every penny.


For most of my life I’ve only had lukewarm beverages to drink when we’re out on an adventure.  Hot sweaty hike up the mountain?  Warm water to drink.  Day at the beach?  Even warmer water to drink.  Freezing day of skiing?  Warm cocoa to drink (but never enough because our “other” insulated jug leaks like crazy when not perfectly upright).  This bottle solves it all.  It keeps my cold drinks cold all day (we’re talking ice still there at the end of the day) and hot drinks hot (yes, we even tested that one out here in our sweltering desert home – you’re welcome).


We’ve taken this bottle hiking, camping, on adventures in the desert, and it is now on our essential checklist of gear to take to the beach (a year round attraction here).  It’s fantastic!

But, you’re asking yourself “Is it really worth $60”?  I’ll be the first to admit that I was skeptical at first, but after using if for a couple of months, I’m never going back.  In fact, I’m trying to figure out how we can get smaller everyday ones shipped out here to us so we can use them all the time!  They are just that good.

The 64 oz is theoretically enough to share with the whole family, but around here that just isn’t happening.  Having a super cold drink when it’s 100+ degrees most of the year is a lifesaver, so I tend not to share when I can get away with it…which clearly, isn’t often 🙂


The Growler comes with a screw-on lid, which is fine for pouring into other containers, or for adults, but it gets a little tricky when trying to share it with slobbery toddlers (maybe that’s why I don’t want to share with them…).  A straw lid can be purchased to go on it as well, which we completely plan on doing once we head back to the states.  Also, because of the size, this isn’t your typical throw it in your pack kind of bottle.  Because it is insulated, it weights a little bit more and when you fill it up with 64oz of water, you’ve got a pretty heavy bottle there.  We recommend this most for adventures where you’ll be close to the car or camp for simplicity, or just for hanging out on a hot day.  Hydro Flask makes bottles that start at 12oz, all the way up to this size, so we recommend grabbing a few smaller ones in addition to this big guy!

This bottle was provided for us for review purposes.

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