Transitioning from Fall to Winter – The Best Multi-Season Clothes for Kids + Giveaway

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Transitioning from fall to winter can be really tricky – especially when it comes to kids clothes!  When should you pack up the shorts?  When should you bust of the ski coats?  It feels like mother-natures way of keeping parents on their toes with temps that fluctuate between 30 and 70 degrees multiple times during the week.  ARGH!

Luckily, there are some great clothing solutions to beat Mother Nature and keep your kids comfortable no matter what they day’s weather throws at you!  Here are the VERY BEST multi-season kids clothes we have come across this year!

(Also, a quick thanks to the folks at ShotRockers for these pictures.  While I was getting some one-on-one instruction, they had a little photo shoot with the kids.  SWEET!)



From the time that we first tried out Icebreaker’s Merino Wool baselayers here, we have been in love with them.  Actually, I’d say that two years later, I love them even more.  Not only do our kids wear them in the winter (they are always our first layer for skiing and snowshoeing), but they wear them hiking, camping, and even rafting.  Yes, we easily get a full 4-seasons of wear out of them.  Amazingly, they look pretty much like new…well, except for where Chloe painted on hers!  They wash well, stay soft, don’t pill, and I can say with full confidence that these will definitely last through all of our kids.  Yes, sometimes I can be pretty cheap when it comes to forking out big money for kids clothes, but I am 100% in favor of a little splurge for Icebreaker quality.  We had a chance to test out some of their new designs and were thrilled.  They passed with flying colors, hiking, on the playground, and even on the river!  All of these are 200 wt, and considered lightweight, but truly, that’s what makes them so multi-functional (warm, but still breathable – perfect for fluctuating temps).  Here’s a look at some of their new line-up for kids:

Oasis Long Sleeve Crewe

Photo Courtesy of ShotRockers

This is my favorite shirt to put Jimmy in.  It’s soft and cozy and really fits like a dream.  He always seems comfortable in it, I think thanks in large part to the flat-lock seems that don’t rub.  I got him a size 2 (even though he could have fit into a 1 right now) so that it would last longer and it works out just great.  Since merino is so soft, the sleeves stay put and don’t keep falling down over his hands.  That’s a huge deal for me so that I know I can get more mileage out of these great shirts.  Price $39


 Tech Long Sleeve Crewe Intersect

Photo Courtesy of ShotRockers

The Tech Crewe is a great option for older boys or for kids who want a little more style in their wardrobe.  Mason was getting a little sick of all the solid colored technical clothes he has so this was a welcome addition to his wardrobe.  I feel good knowing it’s amazing quality, and he feels cool because it has a neat design on it.  All-in-all, a happy combo since I know he’s going to be warm and comfortable where ever he’s playing.  Price $45


Mila Long Sleeve

Photo Courtesy of ShotRockers

This top is sure to be a hit for just about any girl you can think of.  It’s stylish and feminine without being too girly.  Although I really try to have my kids wear their merino as a baselayer (the one closest to their skin), Chloe would much prefer to have this be the top piece so she can show off the awesome artwork.  Can you blame her?  I’m also really loving the envelope-style neck opening.  There are a few things in the world that make me really crazy and one of them is shirts that ruin Chloe’s hair.  You know the ones that I mean – that somehow pull out every ponytail and make things look like a mess.  So yes, it might sound silly, but it’s SO NICE to be able to get her shirt on and off with her hair style still intact!  Price $45


Polarn O. Pyret

Well, speaking of love Polarn O. Pyret is also pretty high up for me.  Honestly, I could spend hours looking through their cute clothes with all of their amazing European inspiration and design.  I absolutely LOVE European children’s clothes (which explains my absolute obsession with this magazine).  There’s something about their clothes that just screams “go play”, which is exactly what they are made for.  Clothes designed for kids to just be kids – to run, jump, and play in – it’s awesome.  Also, right now, they’re having a big sale on outerwear so STOCK UP!


Windfleece Jacket

Photo Courtesy of ShotRockers

Introducing a fleece jacket unlike anything else you have ever seen.  Say goodbye to loose weaves that pill after a few washes and check this out.  It’s actually more like a softshell jacket than a traditional fleece.  It’s soft and cozy like fleece, but with a thick weave that makes it less bulky, windproof and water-resistant.  Yes, Jimmy even wore this on the river.  After hours of splashing, only the cuffs and zipper were wet, and the rest of it was amazingly dry!  The arms are extra long thanks to the big cuffs with thumb loops which not only keep arms and hands cold, but let your child wear it longer (because once you see this you’ll never want them to grow out of it).  We got Jimmy the 1.5-2 years size (he’s 16 months) so he could wear it through the winter, and I’m pretty sure it will still fit him in a year.  Not only are the sleeves great, but the back is extra long, so when kids bend over to play, their back stays warm and covered.  A great jacket for pretty much all cooler weather conditions, and when paired with one of their shells (which it can button into), you have a full on snow coat.  What, more use out of your kids clothes – count me in!  The only thing I wish it had was a hood so that it could give more protection in the rain.  Overall?  Best kids jacket around.  Price: currently on sale from $51 (or look in their sale section for a few that are marked down to $25)


Color & Stripe Funtion Top

Photo Courtesy of ShotRockers

This is a great baselayer alternative to wool!  Made from polyester, it wicks and insulates well.  It reminds me of the baselayers that I wore as a kid and loved!  Um yes, there’s a reason that they still make clothes like this – they really work!  Unlike the ones that I wore 20 years ago, this one is actually cute enough to just wear on it’s own, because honestly, what good is a shirt that your kid won’t wear?  Luckily, Chloe’s favorite colors are pink and purple, so this shirt is requested a lot!  SUCCESS – a good shirt that will get lots of wear, keeping her comfortable no matter what the temps!  Price: currently on sale for $25


After hearing all of my raving about the windfleece jacket, the great folks over at Polarn O. Pyret are giving one away to a lucky Bring The Kids reader.  Enter using the Rafflecopter.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

A special thanks to Icebreaker and Polarn O Pyret for providing clothing for this review.  As always these are our honest and genuine opinions and not influenced by receiving products – we just happen to really, really, like this stuff!


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