Are Springfree Trampolines Actually Safer? Springfree Trampoline Review

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Wanting to get a famiy trampoline, but not sure if you want the safety risk? I’ve been there. With 5 high energy kids and a revolving door to all the neighborhood kids, I wanted the benefits of a trampoline without the risks. And then we discovered Springfree Trampolines…and their claim that Springfree trampolines are actually safer for kids. Well, we jumped right in, and are here to share with you our full Springfree Trampoline review.

For us, a trampoline is something that completely makes a backyard, so we were pretty excited about it…and by pretty excited, I mean so CRAZY EXCITED that it’s nearly impossible to get the kids off of the trampoline from the time they get up until they go to bed, kind of excited. It’s no wonder that it’s become one of our top gift suggestions for active kids!

We’ve had our trampoline for over 4 years now and it’s still so amazing.  It’s been through four rough winters (we left it up the whole time), 5 wild kids using it daily, and even a move and it’s still in fantastic condition.  Our house is now the cool house because all the neighborhood kids want to jump on our Spring Free trampoline, especially the teenage boys.  We honestly cannot recommend Springfree trampolines enough!

TIP: Springfree Trampolines regularly sell out. If you find a good deal on one, act FAST before they’re gone

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Springfree Trampoline Review

Jumping on the trampoline is a great way to burn off energy, increase muscle strength, and improve balance. If you’re looking at getting a trampoline, I’d recommend reading all the Springfree Trampoline reviews, as I’ve yet to find one that doesn’t have great trampoline reviews.

But kids don’t care about what any of the Spring Free Trampolines reviews say.  What my kids care about is that it’s just really fun and gives them a great chance to let loose throughout the day.  And suddenly, that day is ALL THE TIME, since they’ve been jumping from the time they get up and keep asking for a later bedtime so they can jump longer.  It’s a pretty good situation over here!

We didn’t tell the kids we were getting a trampoline, so you’ve got to see their reactions when we surprised them with one:

Quick Picks: We have detailed information about Springfree trampolines below and the best features about Springfree Trampolines. You must know that these trampolines are incredibly popular and SELL OUT FAST! If you just want to hurry and buy a springfree trampoline, here are the best places to check:

Why are Springfree Trampolines different than regular trampolines?

At first glance, you’ll instantly notice that a springfree trampoline for kids looks really different than a traditional trampoline.  That’s because instead of springs, it’s set up on top of fiberglass poles, so the frame is at the bottom of the trampoline, instead of at the edge.  You see, Springfree Trampolines were created because some kids wanted a trampoline, Mom said it was too dangerous, so their Dad created a safer springless trampoline.

You guys, this is a huge deal.  We’ve had regular trampolines with springs before, and I always felt like it was a disaster just waiting to happen.  Those springs are scary, especially when kids are climbing on and off.  Right after we set it up, my 12-year-old was jumping, and my 2-year-old went over and starting hanging on the fiberglass poles below the trampoline.  My initial mom-response was to shriek and pull him away, but as I looked closer, I noticed he was just fine.  No pinched fingers and nothing smashed (though we did have a chat with him about not playing there in case someone were to bounce right above him and possibly hurt him).  I am so grateful we had a springless trampoline or that would have been a disaster, which over and over again we are finding positive things to add like this to our spring free trampoline review.

Trampoline Safety Review: How Dangerous are Trampolines?

As our kids get older, the things that they’re trying to do on a trampoline get more and more daring.  And as much as I’d like to think that everything will be fine, I know that’s just not the case and that trampoline injuries could be a major reality.  I keep flashing back to a Christmas Eve memory from when I was about 10 and my friend was jumping on the trampoline and hit his head on the steel frame of the trampoline while attempting a backflip…and there was SO MUCH BLOOD (and then the dads got together, shaved his head over the kitchen sink and stitched him right up at home – ACK!).  

And the exact same thing has happened to several other people I knew (except they actually got their stitches at the hospital).  Let’s just say if there’s anything that I can to do avoid a similar situation in our home and promote trampoline safety, I’m going to do it.  As a parent, I know that there’s not a whole lot that I can to do keep my kids from pushing their limits.  But what I can do is to give them a safer environment to push those limits in by having a trampoline designed for trampoline safety.

Are Springfree Trampolines Safer Than Regular Trampolines?

While I know that the issue of having a trampoline with springs can be controversial, we look at it as a great way to encourage our kids to have an active and healthy lifestyle.  You see, recent studies show that the average young child spends 3 hours a day in front of a screen.  Throw in summer vacation and I’m pretty sure that number starts soaring sky high. 

Even though we’re pretty strict on our screentime, our kids are constantly begging us for more – so we had to find something even more enticing than a screen.  Enter Springfree Trampolines.

The safety net around the spring free trampoline is also pretty amazing and is great at preventing trampoline injuries.  Online there are springfree reviews and videos of people slamming into it and just bouncing back, and it actually works.  While it’s not something that I love, my 14-year-old son and his friends think it’s an absolute blast to hurl themselves into the net of our springless trampoline and see themselves bounce right back.

This safe trampoline net is really tightly attached, so that even when a group of teenage boys start bouncing off of it, it’s still just as tight after 2 years as it was when we got the tramp. It’s attached really securely at the bottom, so unlike a traditional trampoline you’re getting at a big box store, I can’t see any way that a kid could fall out the bottom.  After two years, our trampolines reviews and personal experience have proved springless trampolines safety to be incredibly high.

Are Springfree Trampolines as bouncy as regular trampolines?

This was my husbands biggest concern when looking at trampolines reviews, because while I can say you that we got a trampoline for the kids, it’s for my husband (he seriously goes out and jumps every night after the kids go to bed).

Are springfree trampolines bouncy? Well the verdict is that it’s definitely more bouncy than a regular trampoline you can buy today.  And while I think that it’s the bounciest backyard trampoline I’ve been on, he thinks it has similar bounce to his traditional backyard trampoline when he was a kid.  Either way, it’s got great bounce.

Why are Springfree Trampolines so expensive?

When you buy a Springfree Trampoline, you’re paying for not just the innovative safer design, you’re paying for quality.  You do need to know, that Springfree makes EXPENSIVE trampolines! All Springfree Trampolines come with a 10 year warranty, so you can be confident that the money you’re investing is going to go A LONG way.  As my husband keeps joking “sure the trampoline is expensive, but it’s cheaper than a visit to the ER, and who knows how many busted heads our kids would have over the years”.

At Springfree Trampolines, you’re getting a company that stands behind their product.  I’ve read TONS of reviews about their great customer service, and even though I haven’t had to use it yet, I’m assured, knowing that if I do, I’m going to get a real person to talk to who can help me.

Also, if you buy your trampoline directly from Springfree, they offer free set-up if there is a distributor in your area.  The setup team literally took 45 minutes and made it look like a piece of cake, whereas if I’d have done it myself, it would have taken hours and I probably would have been irritated and frustrated by the end (isn’t that how all assembly projects go?).

Are Springfree Trampolines worth the money?

Absolutely YES! If you have active kids that use the trampoline regularly, this is one of the best investments that you can make in your backyard fun. Not only do my kids burn off energy on our springless trampoline for at least an hour a day, but the safety features are priceless. By minimizing the risk of impact with the steel frame as well as eliminating dangerous springs, springless trampolines are worth the money just in the emergency room visits avoided.

Every year there are over 100,000 trampoline related injuries, and 93% of all broken bones from trampoline injuries are to young kids. Not only does a springfree trampoline prevent against these injuries, but they also are incredible quality and very durable.

How long do Springfree Trampolines last?

Honestly, we’ve heard that they can easily last up to 10 years or longer.  We live in the mountains with long rough winters and ours is over a year in and looks almost new.  How long do trampolines last is much shorter with a normal trampoline (we needed to replace every 3 years), and spring less trampolines last much longer.

Can you find a springfree trampoline sale?

Likely not.  Truthfully, they sell out incredibly fast in our area, especially since 2020.  So instead of waiting for a springless trampoline sale, this is one purchase that you just need to jump right into 🙂 We loved getting ours set up by the mobile SpringFree team, but if that’s not an option, you can easily buy one here.  My best advice is to buy a springless trampoline as soon as you can if you find one in stock (wait times can be up to 4 months to get one, so look around and buy one as soon as you find it).

Best ages for a Springless Trampoline

Springless trampolines are really perfect for all ages. Our youngest had just turned 2 when we got our springfree trampoline, and my husband and I also jump on it regularly. We can easily say that springfree trampolines are great for all ages.

Best Places To Buy A Springfree Trampoline

If you have a local Springfree Trampoline distributor in your area, I recommend buying through them first, so you can take advantage of their set-up service. However, if you’re not near a local distributor, or are having a hard time finding one in stock, here are the best places to buy a springless trampoline:

Other Springless Trampoline Brands

There are several brands that make springless trampolines besides Springfree Trampolines. While many of them look similar to the design and structure of the Springfree, we have not personally tested any of them. While we would recommend an actual Springfree Trampoline first, if you can’t find one, look at these other options for springless trampolines instead of buying a traditional trampoline.

In the end, I’m sure that you want to know, do we think that Springfree Trampolines are worth the money?  YES – it’s the best trampoline for the money.  If you want to give your kids a safer trampoline experience and buy a product that’s really high quality and is going to last, ABSOLUTELY!  If kids trampoline reviews mean anything to you, know that all of our kids are completely obsessed with our trampoline springfree set up!

Springfree Trampoline generously donated a trampoline for this review.  All opinions are genuine and are exactly what we’d tell our friends and family.

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  1. I wish I could give zero rating!!! Please don’t fall into these people warranty statements… The only reason I got this for their warranty… it says 10 year warranty. Mine is just three year old but they’re not covering anything. for the price I paid on this I would have bought at least five trampoline. which I can throw away every three years and get a new one.

  2. Springfree trampolines are indeed a game-changer when it comes to safety. Your comprehensive review highlights the innovative design and thoughtful engineering that sets Springfree trampolines apart from traditional models.

    As a parent, safety is always a top priority, and your positive experience with the Springfree trampoline gives me confidence in considering it for my own family.

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information, and I’m sure many others will find your review helpful in making an informed choice for a safer and more enjoyable trampoline experience


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