7 Delicious Family Friendly Restaurants in Medellin Colombia

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While it’s often overlooked, finding family friendly restaurants while you travel can be a bit of a chore.  Finding food that the whole family will like and eat can be incredibly stressful!  Eating out with kids can be difficult in the most controlled and familiar settings, so eating out while traveling can be really difficult.  To help ease some of that dinging out frustration while traveling, we’ve put together a list of the best family friendly restaurants in Medellin.  

Our family just spent nearly 2 months in Medellin and these were the restaurants that our kids enjoyed the most.  Some were loved for their food, others for the setting, and some for both.  Whatever you’re looking for with kid friend;y restaurants in Medellin, you’re sure to find something on this list that will impress your whole family.  

La Mayoria Restaurant with Dancing Horse Shows

Our #1 pick for the best family restaurant in Medellin is La Mayoria.  The atmosphere is second to none, and the food is great as well.  Located high on the hill above Medellin, La Mayoria takes a bit of effort to get to, but it’s absolutely worth it.  The food at La Mayoria is typical Colombian food, that’s above average quality.  The prices are from $30,000 Columbian Pesos and up, but unless you’re ordering a fancy steak, they’re quite affordable. 

The highlight of a visit to la Moyria is the horses.  Each Friday and Saturday evening, there is a dancing horse show from 8-10pm.  The horses literally dance down the isles of the restaurant which is absolutely amazing.  The riders were very accommodating, letting the kids come over and pet the horses, which was a great treat.  We arrived an hour before the horse show began, not knowing what to expect, and our timing was perfect for getting our food before the shows began.  While we were waiting for our food, the kids went out to the stables to pet the horses and meet the other animals there. If you’re staying for the whole horse show, plan on getting some dessert since the horse shows go rather long.   While it’s a bit later at night, it’s worth keeping the kids up late for.  

If you go to La Mayoria outside of the horse show times, there is a kids playground and during the day there are often pony rides available.  

While reservations are not required, they are highly recommended to get a better view of the horse shows.  We had a reservation and got a great seat, but others who came in right after us and didn’t have a reservation didn’t get a table with a good view of the show.  

Crepes Y Waffles

Crepes Y Waffles is a Colombian restaurant chain, but it’s such a great place to eat with kids.  We ate there a few times during our trip to Medellin and all of our kids loved it.  The menu is extensive and offers both sweet and savory options.  We have a very large family with 5 kids and everyone always finds something they love to eat at Crepes y Waffles in Medellin.  The food is also very affordable.  Most options on the menu are about $20-25,000 and the dessert options are typically around $10,000 pesos.  

You can find lots of Crepes y Waffles shops in malls and shopping centers and it’s the best chain restaurant for families in Colombia.  

Mercado del Rio

If you’re looking for lots of great food options for family dining in Medellin, head to Mercado del Rio.  THink of Mercado del Rio as an upscale giant food court with tons of different options.  All along the outside of the building are restaurants and on the interior are seating.  We loved that we could come here and let everyone choose the restaurant that they wanted the most and that we could all sit together to eat.  Some of the restaurants will bring the food right to your table and others will just give you a buzzer to go and grab your own food.  

At the south end of Mercado del Rio are several bars and we noticed that this was a popular spot for business workers to meet after work for drinks, but outside of the bars, the whole area was really family friendly, and even right during meal times, it was never crowded.  There is lots of seating in the middle of Mercado Del Rio, and even with our very large family, we never had a hard time finding seating for all of us.  THis is a great family place to eat if everyone is getting a little sick of Colombian food and wants something different or more flavorful.  

Restaurante CasaBlanca

Another great experience restaurant in Medellin is CasaBlanca.  It’s up on the mountain, so it’s got fantastic views of Medellin, and it’s super fun for kids.  They’ve got a kids playground which is so appreciated in a city that has so few playgrounds for kids.  Additionally, they also have a petting zoo which the kids will LOVE!  Seriously, between the playground and the petting zoo, your kids might never want to leave, so plan on getting there early and spending a good chunk of time there.  

For mom and dad, you’ll love the meat there, which is what Restaurante CasaBlanca is best known for.  The steaks are good and the prices are fair as well.  This is a great Medellin restaurant, especially with little kids!

Pueblito Paisa Restaurant

We love visiting Pueblito Paisa and soaking up all of the nature up there, the views, and the cute little town.  If you’re up there, stop at the restaurant just off the square.  It’s got great views overlooking the “little town” and is a fun place to relax and sit down.  The menu is typical Colombian fare, and it’s pretty basic.  While we didn’t dislike the food, nothing really stood out as amazing beyond the setting.  The setting is GREAT, which is why we think it’s a great family friendly restaurant in Medellin.  

If you don’t need a full meal, but are visiting Pueblito Paisa, grab a couple of drinks and appetizers and just hang out for a while.  This is the best place to stop and relax while you’re up at Pueblito Paisa. 

Tip:  Make sure to ask for an upstairs table, on the south side, overlooking the square for the best views.  

InSitu at the Medellin Botanical Gardens

The Medellin Botanical Gardens are one of the best places to visit in Medellin with kids.  THe grounds are amazing, it’s fun to watch the turtles, iguanas, and ducks, the butterfly exhibit is great, and best of all it’s free.

During your visit to Jardin Botanico Medellin, make sure to plan your time so that you can stop for a meal at InSitu right inside the gardens.  The prices are affordable, yet it still has a bit of a fancy feel to it.  If you want your kids to practice sitting down and using good manners at a restaurant, while still having the opportunity to have a spot to play and walk around before or after your meal, this is the best option.  

Archies make your own pizza

If you’re looking for some families food for kids on your trip to Medellin, it’s hard to go wrong with pizza.  While I don’t think that Archise has the best tasting pizza in Medellin, it is one of the best pizza restaurants for families.  At Archies pizza, kids can make their own pizza exactly the way they like it.  It’s seriously so much fun for the kids and it will have them eating every last bite.  Archies is a pizza chain, so you’ll find many locations throughout Medellin as well as throughout Colombia.  

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