Our Favorite Hats, Gloves, Baby Boots and MORE for Winter Fun!

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When our family decided that we wanted to spend a few months skiing in the mountains this winter, I knew that we would be in for a shock.  After nearly 4 years of living in the Middle East, let’s just say that we’ve gotten soft.

Fine.  I’ll be completely honest – we are full on wimps!  Seriously, my kids were shivering in HAWAII!!

So as we started planning, I knew that we couldn’t just “get by” on whatever we could find.  Keeping everyone WARM, goes a long way towards keeping everyone HAPPY, so we knew that good gear would be worth the investment.  However, we’ve been here almost 2 months, and have put our gear to the test and I can’t wait to tell you about what things are our favorites.


Gloves by Stonz:

These gloves are hands down the best kids gloves that I’ve seen.  They are totally waterproof and are super warm – basically exactly what you need in a glove (yet so many gloves don’t do this).  They also have a long cuff which helps keep snow out and keeps kids just a bit warmer too.  These are available for babies in a thumbless version or for older kids in a traditional mitten, and we tried and loved both.

Youth Mittz - Accented Pink/Black  

Remember – you get what you pay for!  These gloves cost $45.  After making the mistake of buying my son some highly rated gloves from another brand on Amazon this year for $20 that turned out to be junk, I’m vowing to only buy really good gloves from now on!  Good gloves should be able to be passed down instead of thrown away every year, so really in the long run, it’s a great investment!

Find the mittens with thumbs here and the baby version here.

Hats by Buff


A hat is one of the most important pieces of gear.  If you aren’t keeping your head warm, your losing huge amounts of heat and it’s nearly impossible to stay comfortable.  Well, not only are Buff hats super cute, but they are fully fleece lined.  This really ups the warmth and we were able to wear them on even super cold day and always stay toasty.  One thing to note is that the kids hats are fairly small.  They fit our 3-year-old well, but are a tight fit for our 8-year-old.  Luckily, the hats are super stretchy so she is wearing an adult hat which she can probably keep forever (or at least until she stops being obsessed with pink and teal!).  Our favorite with the kids have been the Fizz and the Tipsy models.



Also, if you’re following us over on Instagram (and honestly, if you’re not, go here now!!), you’ve undoubtably seen my stories where I’ve been wearing my new hat in many of them.  So many people have asked and the hat is the Darla hat, and it’s just as warm, comfortable, and cute as it looks.  You can find it here.


Baby Snow Suit by Ducksday:

If you’ve got a baby in your life, you need to know about Ducksday gear.  We’ve been loving them for years (5 years to be exact), and this year got their baby snow suit for baby E.  It’s warm and comfortable, which is a pretty big deal when you’re bringing a baby from the tropics to the mountains for a snowy winter.  Long story short, we love it and had so much to say that we wrote up a separate post about it here.IMG_1028

Baby Booties by Stonz:

Just like shoes, boots for baby should not just be a smaller version of what adults wear.  Babies especially need more room, comfort, and especially need something easy to get on.  Well, the Stonz baby booties are just that.  They essentially look like a giant rectangle with a soft rubber sole.  Not only does this make it really easy to put them on, but it also give you a more customized fit.  While I can’t attest to how they do walking since baby E is only standing now, the design looks like it will be great.


The only thing that we had a problem with is that they don’t work well on babies with really chubby legs.  We tried them on both my niece and nephew (who each have the cutest chunky legs), and they just didn’t go on or stay on well.  However, if your baby is average or thin, these boots should fit great!  You can find them starting around $20 here. Stonz Baby Booties

Any questions about any of these items?  Let us know!

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