Secret Slot Canyons in Mullerthal Luxembourg

We’d heard that they existed.  Could it be too good to be true?  Slot canyons in LUXEMBOURG?  We knew that if we could find them, we wouldn’t be disappointed.  Well, we did, and they blew our minds. Step into the forests of the Mullerthal Region of Luxemourg, and you’ll feel … Learn More→


Extreme Hide and Seek in the Luxembourg Casemates

17 km of tunnels winding up, down, in and out of the rock.  The remains of an ancient fortress that not only protected a city, but also houses shops, animals and soldiers. The once famous “Gibralter of the North”, the Casemates in Luxembourg City are preserved and renewed for visitors. … Learn More→

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5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me BEFORE I Took the Kids to Europe!

When it comes to traveling, just like parenting, it feels like everyone always has an opinion that they cannot resist from sharing with you.  Most of those are things like: “You’re crazy for wasting an amazing trip like that on little kids” “You know, jet-lag can ruin your vacation” “You … Learn More→


Fowl Family: Why you shouldn’t miss birding with your Kids

Today I’m thrilled to share with all of you a fantastic article by birding expert Ernie Allison.  Ernie is passionate about birds and has some fantastic suggestions helping kids enjoy it too.  Thanks for sharing Ernie!   Let’s be honest, when we think activities for children birding isn’t exactly at the … Learn More→


Why Adventure With Kids Will Never Get Old

No matter how hard I try and how much I resist it, our kids are aging at light speed. Our often painfully long days are blurring together into instantaneous years.  I swear it was just yesterday when I was watching our first son Mason take his first steps.  Now I’m … Learn More→


Saas-Fee Switzerland: A place so awesome, it made my kids want to drop out of school

Suspended 25 feet above me, my 7-year-old yells down to me on the ground, “Mom, this place is so cool!  I want to drop out of school just so I can live here and play EVERY SINGLE DAY.”   We’re at the middle of the Swiss Alps on a practically perfect … Learn More→


Top Secret: The Affordable Alternative to Zermatt

Nestled at the base of the Matterhorn, it’s no wonder that a visit to Zermatt, Switzerland is on so many peoples bucket list.  It’s gorgeous! It was on ours too. Until we realized how expensive it was going to be. Although Zermatt has some amazing views, and equally amazing resorts, … Learn More→


6 Reasons the Jungfrau Region Provides the Ultimate European Mountain Experience

We have been completely and utterly blown away by the beauty breadth and boldness of Switzerland.  If any place in Europe can provide the ultimate European Mountain Experience, the Swiss Alps are the place and if any place in the Alps is the best for families, the Jungfrau Region is … Learn More→


Adventures for Every Age in the Swiss Alps

Looking for a place where EVERYONE can find some serious adventure?  Look no further than the Swiss Alps.  You’ll find something for every member of your family to make this an unforgettable trip! Here’s what you can expect to find Ages 0-5: FREE Trains, Trains, and more Trains.  Kids under … Learn More→


Kid Friendly Adventures Abound in Murren, Switzerland

Down below, a massive cliff drops for thousands of feet and above me are towering mountains.  Here, nestled in between the two is the beautiful town of Murren, Switzerland covered in rolling green hills slopes speckled with wildflowers.  Although you might not guess it from it’s location, this little Swiss town … Learn More→

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