2014 KAUST 3-4 030

My Saudi Arabian Birth Adventure

“Are you really going to have your baby in Saudi Arabia?” I think if I had a dollar for every time I heard that question, I’d be rich!  Yes, having the baby here was always in the plan since we first started interviewing.  Why?  Well, our logic was simple.  I … Learn More→


Living Abroad: Week 3

After a few weeks of living here in “The Kingdom” (that’s what all the cool kids call Saudi Arabia), life is finally starting to pick up.  Andrew is getting more and more reponsibility at work (ahem, working lots more), and the kids and I are finally settling into a routine. … Learn More→


Surviving 30+ Hours of Flying, While 36 Weeks Pregnant, With Three Kids In Tow!

Sounds crazy right?  What kind of pregnant woman would subject herself to 30+ hours of travel while she’s 9-months pregnant?  Throw in the 3 other kids and you might think I need to have my head examined. Honestly, when people found out that we would be moving to the other … Learn More→


Living Abroad – Week 2

What?  I’m a week behind?  Well, spoiler alert – baby #4 came earlier than we planned and put life on hold for a bit.  Don’t worry, I promise to tell more about that soon! So, week 2 in Saudi Arabia…where to begin… Well although it’s only been a week, it … Learn More→


Living Abroad – Week 1

Wow, it’s amazing that we’re officially expatriates now.  The jet lag has passed, the kids are getting back to normal and we’re starting to figure out how to get around here in Saudi Arabia.  For the next few weeks, we’ll be writing a bit of a journal sharing our experiences … Learn More→

Gearing up for International Family Travel

Gear.  Oh, how we love gear!  Although it’s possible to get by without it, it definetly makes adventure easier.  Especially with KIDS! So when we learned that our soon to be family of 6 (2 more weeks folks!!!), would be moving overseas, we knew that we needed to stock up … Learn More→


Our Family – Moving from Good to Great

Deep within in me, there is a desire to make a substantial difference.  A desire to supersede all expectations for me and blow the norm out of the water.  Even more than wanting this sort of change for myself, I want it for my children, for my family. I actually … Learn More→

saudi globe

We’re Moving To Saudi Arabia

No joke.  We are about to head out on our greatest adventure yet – moving our family over to Saudi Arabia.  Yes, our winter obsessed, mountain loving family is about to go to where there is lots of heat, humidity, and SAND! Now before any of you jump to any … Learn More→


When Downhill meets Nordic – a First Day of Cross-Country Skiing

We consider ourselves a skiing family.  We get in about 15 days a season, everyone is fairly proficient and our toddler has a tantrum every time he sees his skis and we tell him he can’t go.  It’s pretty much in our blood. Well, at least downhill skiing is.  When … Learn More→


Dog Sledding with the Kids!!

There are  some moments in life that you secretly dream about, but never actually imagine they will come true.  For me, that’s been dog sledding. Dog sledding has always been something that has fascinated me.  It all goes back to when I was a kid and the movie Iron Will … Learn More→

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