Why Adventure With Kids Will Never Get Old

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No matter how hard I try and how much I resist it, our kids are aging at light speed.

Our often painfully long days are blurring together into instantaneous years.  I swear it was just yesterday when I was watching our first son Mason take his first steps.  Now I’m looking at Skyler, our fourth, and wondering how in the world he’s almost 6-months-old.


Yet as quickly as my kids are aging, I know that our adventures with them never will.

In fact, as I look back at the last 7 1/2 years as a parent, our adventures are one of the few things that remain uniquely different with each one marking a special place in our families history.  Adventures that even when repeated will never be the same, thanks to our ever changing family.

We’ve hiked our favorite hometown trail dozens of times, yet each trip was always different.  Those repetitive miles I’ve trodden there were all uniquely different.  From the skinned knees and bouquets of wildflowers I was given, to the snakeskin “treasures” and sword fighting sticks, each trip infused with the amazing ages and stages that are making up these four childhoods that we are part of.  Each trip completely the same yet remarkably different.


Each adventure provides a special memory, a spark that reignites the past.

We’ve rafted our “family” river (Snake River WY), countless times, and each year is somehow different from the next.  The wobbly legs have turned into sprinting kids and the nervousness (theirs and ours) has turned to excitement.  Each year, we’re ready to tackle more and push our limits farther with a clear view of what we did just around the river bend last year.  It’s an unforgettable feeling.


They say that one of the best ways to remember something is to associate it with a place or journey.  If that’s the case, our adventures will be running through my mind for ages.  Because unlike most people who can only see the movie in their heads, I’ve been there, lived it.  

Our adventures have captured our memories and our hearts as we measure our milestones by them.  


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