Welcome Spring and a Dream Come True!!

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I swear, my children have an unshakable determination.  Honestly, when they set their mind to something, there’s no telling them otherwise.

Like on St Patrick’s day when they didn’t catch a leprechaun, and told them that they aren’t real.  There was no way that they were going to believe that I was the one who turned their milk green, no matter how hard I tried to convince them.

Determined little ones, these three.

The older two have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring.  They were convinced that once the first day of spring hit, the weather would be blissfully perfect and their lives would be filled with warm sunshine, grasshoppers, butterflies and snakes.

I hate to rain on their parade, but um…well, we live in Colorado.  The rockin’ state where it snows one day and is 75 degrees the next, so the chances of this becoming a reality were pretty slim.

Thankfully, the weather yesterday (the first day of spring), was practically perfect, and they were living in a dream land.  Oh, yes it is supposed to snow this weekend, too!

Back to their determination.  So, Mason is obsessed with snakes.  Every time we visit the pet store, he has to look at them, and our library visits almost always include a few snake books coming home.  Usually, we see a few little snakes each summer and it’s the highlight of his life.  Truly.  One day last summer, I saw a snake in the garden and told Mason about it after the fact.  I swear the kid complained for a week that I didn’t catch it for him.  I. Don’t. Catch. Snakes.

Ever since last fall, Mason has been eagerly awaiting the return of spring.  You know, that magical time when the stars align, the weather turns perfect, and it’s warm enough for snakes to come out.  Can you see where this is heading?  He’s been talking nonstop about it the past week.  Yesterday on the way home from school he announced “today is the first day of spring.  I’m going to go catch a snake today”.  My mind started racing about all the ways I would console his broken little heart when this didn’t happen, because tears were sure to be shed.

We weren’t home for 5 minutes when Chloe comes in and announces that Mason got his snake.  What the?  Sure he did…

I went outside to see this:

And I spent the day with the happiest boy ever.  It was a garter snake about 20 inches long, and very kind.  Yes, it had 5 kids playing with it all afternoon and never tried to bite anyone.  So fun to watch, you know as long as I didn’t have to touch it or anything.

Immediately, he was asking where we were going to keep it.  What?  Yeah, I don’t think so.  I let his Dad break the news, since I hate always being the bad guy!  Yes there were tears shed, and ultimately we compromised that he can keep him until tomorrow.  Why?  Snakes eat mice, and I’m NOT doing that!  So for now I’ll savor the blissful happiness of a boy on top of the world.  Welcome Spring!

Do you let your kids keep animals that they catch outside?  I feel like our house is going to turn into an animal shelter!


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