Watch Out – Sitting KILLS! (and how nature can cure that)

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STAND UP!  Really, do it right now as you’re reading this.  You’ll thank me by the time you finish this article.  

Recently, several studies have taken place that highlight the ill-effects of sitting.  Yep, go ahead and add sitting to the list of major

A recent study (found here) shows that men who spent 6 hours or more per day of their free time sitting had an overall death rate that was about 20 percent higher than the men who sat for three hours or less.  The death rate for women who sat more than six hours a day was about 40 percent higher.  OUCH!  Looks like sitting at a desk all day long really is that bad for you.

At the end of the day do you fall onto the couch and relax, or take a walk?  Do you call your neighbor on the phone, or get up and visit them?  These seemingly small choices can have a large effect on your overall health.

Do you know what the extra crazy part is?  Prolonged sitting will effect you equally whether you exercise or not.  That’s right!  Even 1 hour of intense exercise cannot override the ill-effects of a day of sitting.  This could easily explain why many people continue to gain weight despite diligent exercise.

Good news!  There is a magical cure that will combat all of the ill-effects of sitting.  It’s called moving (yep, I came up with that on my own – total genius right here!).  Even better, you now have a legitimate  reason to get out and enjoy a little more nature during the day.

Here are 5 great ways to combat sitting and enjoy nature at the same time.  

1.  Instead of a taking a break in the break room, head for a walk around the block.
2.  Opt for walking to lunch instead of ordering in.  Better yet, pack your own lunch and have a picnic at the park.
3.  Bird watch in your downtime.  Head outside and just watch the birds while you unwind a bit.  Heck, you could even just walk over to the window and stare out.
4.  Play frisbee on your break.
5.  Look up.  Head to the roof and cloud-watch.  Pace back and forth, or even just stand while you’re doing it to combat sitting.

If all else fails, borrow some kids and head outside – I have three, and I’m willing to lend them out :).  You’ll quickly be exploring, digging, and running, with no chance of sitting anywhere in your near future.

Bet you’re glad you stood up to read this.  What do you do to avoid sitting for long periods of time and bring nature into your life every day?



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