Want a Year Full Of Adventure? Here’s What You Have To Do

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When you look back at 2018, what did you accomplish?

Over the last month, I’ve asked so many people this question, and the number of “UMMMMM”‘s and blank stares that I got was much higher than the number of people who could tell me about amazing things they’d done.

Now my question is, what kind of person are you?  The one who didn’t do anything memorable (besides laundry and mowing the lawn), or the one who can’t stop talking about their amazing experiences?

Today I’m here to show you exactly what we’ve done to fill our calendar with tons of awesome adventures.

About Jessica Averett

Hi, I’m Jessica, a mom of 5 kids and married to my favorite adventure partner. I love to bike, ski, camp and hike. We've visited over 40 countries with our kids, but are equally happy on the road as we are exploring our home state of Utah.

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