Transitioning from Fall to Winter – The Best Multi-Season Clothes for Adults

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With the ever-changing temperatures, dressing for fall can be quite the challenge.  Although as adults we can take care of ourselves and know when it’s time to layer more or less, when you’re out adventuring, clothing is the last thing you want to worry about.  That’s why having a few good pieces will help make the transition from fall to winter flawless (without too many sweaty or freezing days).

(Oh, and just in case you missed it we talked all about kids transitional clothes here. )

Besides, we all know that when outfitting a family for adventure, each person needs to get the most mileage out of all their gear (that stuff’s not cheap)
, so it’s important to shop smart!

Here are some of our favorites:

Mountain Khakis Mens Old Faithful Sweater:

This sweater is the perfect hybrid between a coat and a shirt.  It’s thick and warm with a brushed interior that’s so soft it’s hard to take off.  For cool, but not cold days, it’s a perfect outer layer.  When the weather turns cold, layer it under a shell to keep you warm and toasty whether you’re inside or out.  True to Mountain Khaki’s style, it’s chock-full of pockets that are perfect for the adventuring dad and all the “treasures” he becomes the keeper of.  This sweater has come on trip after trip this fall and has yet to disappoint!  The only thing we didn’t like was that the collar is pretty stiff, so it’s hard to get it to lay down.  (Check back soon for our review of the women’s version)  Save up for this one (hint: Christmas gift), as it’s about $120


 Soft Shell Jackets

For both men and women, we think that a soft shell is one of the best outerwear investments out there.  It’s got all the versatility you would need to handle changing weather conditions without the bulk of a winter coat.  We have several at our house and all have a brushed, soft lining to keep you warm, and a water-resistant outer shell to fight off wind, rain, and snow.  Unless you’re looking for something for some very specific conditions, you can find softshell jackets almost anywhere now.  Here, we have jackets from Target, Free Country, Alpina, and Lands End (um, yes the whole family has them).  Our favorite, mostly because it has a great fit is from Lands End (both for men and women).  Although I didn’t see one on their site, it’s worth checking in throughout the season as inventory can sometimes change!  Price $30-80 (depending on the brand)


Hi-Tec Sierra Lite Original Boots

Gone are the carefree days of flip-flops and Chacos (unless you are my crazy brothers).  When the weather turns cold, a good pair of shoes can easily be the difference between comfort and misery.  As I mentioned before, I really like the Total Terrain shoes from Hi-Tec.  When I got the chance to try out the Sierra Lite boots, I was interested to see what they had to offer.  First off they’re hot pink (which I totally love), so my heart was already swayed.  Although the fit wasn’t as good as the Total Terrain, they are a great run-around shoe when you’re looking for a combination of outdoorsiness (is that even a word?) and style.  They are very generous in the toe area so unless your feet are pretty wide with high arches, they will likely fit best with big socks (which is nice since I LOVE big socks too, and they often don’t fit in typical shoes).  Also, although there is good traction, the insole support isn’t great so these are best left behind on rigorous trails.  My advice – try them before you buy.  Although some shoe companies have a certain fit that is standard across the board, Hi-Tec caters to a large variety of foot types, so to make sure they’re right for you, head to the store.  Price:  $70 (awesome price for a boot)



While this is a topic that is huge and vast, we’re big believers that baselayers can be your best friend in varying weather conditions.  Most companies will have several weights available (from lightweight to heavyweight) so it’s easy to find something that will work well for where you live.  Also, since they are BASE layers, they are perfect for layering (I often wear a couple of them when it’s extra cold), so getting a few is a great idea!  If you’re looking for some good ideas for affordable baselayers, check out this article we wrote last winter.


What are your favorite multi-season items of clothing?

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