Top Outdoor Toys for Elementary Age Kids

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Elementary school age kids are at the perfect age to really start exploring on their own.  Check out these gift ideas that will not only fill their days with adventure, but are so fun you’ll be begging to play with them!

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Handheld Microscope

We love this little handheld microscope. Perfect for letting kids really dive deep and look closer and their discoveries while out on adventures. This is small enough to put in a backpack so it’s perfect for at home or on adventures.

Guardian Bike with SureStop Braking

This is the number one best outdoor toy for any kid. A bike gives kids freedom and absolutely opens up the world to them. This bike from Guardian Bikes is the one that your child will love and will not only help them to ride more easily, but make biking safer for them. The SureStop Bike features a patented braking system that activates both brakes with one hand brake and ensures that both tires stay on the ground, so kids never flip over. our 4 and 7 year olds have been riding a Guardian bike for a while and we are so impressed with it. Guardians bike are significantly lighter than other bikes and the braking system has given them the confidence to let their skills really take off! This is the most affordable lightweight bike that we’ve seen and we highly recommend it as the best outdoor toy for kids.

Don’t forget to also get them a helmet to go along with their bike! Check out our full review of the safest bike helmets for kids!

Backyard Telescope

Do you have a kid who LOVES space? Or maybe checking out wildlife from afar? Then this telescope is perfect for them. It makes a great addition to any outdoor adventure and is perfect for helping kids understand the world beyond them!

Ezy Roller

While we were out in California this last summer, we saw some kids cruising around on some super tough cart that put the wiggle car to shame.  They were sturdy enough to let the whole family have fun and best of all you could cruise on them. Needless to say, we were fascinated and intrigued right from the beginning.

Stomp Rocket

So there are tons of versions of these, but for a kid, they just rock.  Our kids actually dress up in super hero outfits and go out and blast away. Sometimes they think they could fly as high as their rockets too.  Quick, easy to use, and with some models able to shoot up to 400 feet, you’d better be sure that your kids have wide open spaces to ensure they’ll keep having rockets to play with.

Ant Farms

If your kids are outside much, they are bound to notice the wonder of the world all around them.  One of those awesome things they can discover is how bugs are everywhere and can be fun to both watch and to catch.  Let them learn the responsibility of a pet with something that is super low maintenance, and doesn’t have many consequences if they accidently let a few die.

Slackers Extreme Ninjaline Kit

The Slackers Ninjaline is one of our top gift ideas for outdoor boys and girls and is a great way to add some extreme fun just about anywhere you go. This portable kit comes with several different obstacles that you can attach to the line as you challenge your kids to get across in record time. All you need are two solid trees to set it up with. While this sounds easy, it’s harder than it looks and is a great challenge that active kids will LOVE!

Bug Catching Set

Water Blasters

This is a great set of water guns for outdoor play, and this set is perfect for a backyard water fight since it comes with 6 guns.

Rope Swing

We have one of these hanging in out tree, and I’ve been amazed by what a hit it is with everyone. Everyone from toddlers to teens seem to love it and it’s the perfect easy rope swing for kids.

Water Rocket

This water rocket is the perfect combination of a kids STEM toy and a kids toy for outdoor adventure. Perfect for curious and adventurous kids!

Swurfer Surfboard Swing

Think of the Swurfer as a more grown up version of your typical swing that even your kids will love. These are best when mounted in a tree so that there’s more room to move around. Even though younger kids can enjoy them, they’re the perfect gift idea for active girls and boys.

Springfree Trampoline

If you’ve avoided trampolines because they’re not safe, this just might be the answer for you! Springfree trampolines have no springs and are incredibly bouncy. We’ve had one for almost 3 years and whenever my kids are outside, it’s pretty much guaranteed that someone is on the Springfree Trampoline. This is the best trampoline for kids who are looking to perfect their tricks, and for their parents who don’t want to keep paying emergency room bills. It’s more expensive than a traditional trampoline, but with the increased safety features, we think that it’s worth the price for a teen trampoline! Check out our full Springfree Trampoline Review.

Motorola Two-Way Radios

So much more than just a walkie talkie, this is the perfect solution for kids who need a walkie talkie that will grow with them beyond the backyard and into the backcountry. We’ve had our Motorola 2 way radios for over a decade and have never had a problem with them. Make sure that you get the rechargeable version, so you never have to worry about buying batteries for them! I love that these walkie talkies allow kids to connect with each other while still being the perfect screenfree gift for kids.

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  1. I just recently learned about geocaching… have I been hiding under a rock?! Looks like so much fun. I’ll have to remember the Geomate Jr. for a future stocking stuffer when the kids are older. 🙂


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