Top Outdoor Toys for Babies + PeaPod Plus Giveaway

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Start off your baby on the right foot with lots of great outdoor time from day one.  Here are a few of the best outdoor toys we love for your new addition.

PeaPod Plus

The PeaPod is the ultimate travel bed.  Not only is it a fantastic bed for your baby while you’re out and about, but it folds up incredibly small (about the size of a serving platter and 3″ thick) and weights just a few pounds.  A huge improvement over the bulky pack-n-play and is a fantastic way to get your baby to sleep while you’re on the go.  Okay, so it’s not exactly a toy, but the fun it will allow your baby to have (by being well rested) makes the $100 price tag a real deal.

Read our full review here, and scroll to the bottom for a chance to win one!


Bubble Maker

I don’t know a baby out there that isn’t fascinated by bubbles.  Honestly, they must seem like magic to these little ones.  They seemingly appear and disappear out of nowhere.  Old fashioned bottles of bubbles work great too, but if you really want to make your baby squeal, get a fun automatic bubble maker.  Starting around $10.

Sand and Water Table

Give your baby the chance to learn a little cause and effect as they play.  What happens when you throw something in the water?  What happens when you grab a handful of sand?  A fun and simple way to get your little one excited and ready to explore the world around them.  If you look around, you’ll notice that there are TONS of these on the market, but to get the most bang for your buck, get one that can sit flat AND go up onto legs.  That way it works well for sitting babies all they way up to rowdy preschoolers!  Prices vary but typically start around $50.


This is one that never gets old and can easily be used inside or outside.  If your baby is a little younger (4+ months) I’d recommend something easy to grab like an OBALL.  If they’re a little bit older, anything tennis ball size and up should be great as long as it’s soft (sorry baseball loving Dad’s).

Outside Baby Swing

This is another one that has been tried, tested and loved by each of our babies…and pretty much every other kid who comes over to our house.  We have the Little Tykes baby’s swing with the tray and buckles.  It works great for babies who are sitting up and older and the try helps give them a little extra support to balance their wobbly little bodies on.  To get years of use out of it, tie it onto a high tree branch so it can go really high as your kids get older (our 6-year-old still likes ours for this specific reason).  Only $20 on Amazon.

Plan Toys walk and Roll

This is the adorable wooden version of the annoying plastic ball popping pusher that my kids love.  Filled with wooden beads, it is a sweet sounding alternative to it’s noisy counterpart.  That being said, I’m sure as soon as they start pushing it fast, you’ll be readily encouraging them to test it outside to get them some fresh air and save your ears!  About $37 here.


Our friends over at PeaPod want to help your baby get off to a well rested and adventurous start and are giving away a PeaPod Plus to one lucky reader.

Enter to win below!

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