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Thanks for stopping in to check out 2013’s Ultimate Outdoor Gift Guides.  We’ve thought of great gifts for everyone on your list and want to get your holiday started right with lots of great GIVEAWAYS as well!  Go here to see all our ideas!

 The family that plays together stays together.  Here are some of our family’s all time favorite outdoor “toys” that are sure to fill your adventures with fun, laughter, and a good dose of silly.

Gibbon Funline X13 Slackline

Slacklines are the perfect toy for the entire family.  Trust us – we’ve done it with everyone from our one-year-old son to my 87-year-old Grandma.  No matter how skilled you are, a slackline will provide fun for the whole family.  Gibbon has just come out with a fantastic way to help everyone learn even easier: the Funline X13 with a hand line to help you learn the sport.  Read to the bottom to learn more about how great it is and for a chance to WIN ONE!


Trick Kite

Not just for kids, with endless stunts and tricks you can pull, everyone in the family will enjoy a trick kite.  Our favorite for the past 5+ years is the Prism Quantum Kite.  It’s light, easy to put together and easy enough that our son could fly it when he was 5.  A great classic novelty that will have your family dreaming of windy days and open fields.  Read our full review here.  About $100.


Z-Curve Bow by Zing Toys

A souped up bow and arrow toy that’s unlike anything else we’ve ever seen.  Smaller kids can enjoy it with some help, and older kids (and kids at heart) will go full-on crazy with these things.  The arrows shoot 100 feet so are fantastic for a little target practice.  Watch out though, they’re powerful so if you get hit by one, it’s going to hurt.  Still, make it fun and get at least 2 to add some competition and excitement to your next family event!  Read our full review here.  Cost: $20


 ENO DoubleNest Hammock

Our family adventures were transformed this summer with the addition of a few hammocks.  Starting with a few overnight hammock camping trips and culminating in a hammock backpacking trip with all three kids in tow (read about it here), we’re hooked on hammocks.  Every time we go camping now, our kids beg us to leave the tent at home and just sleep in the hammocks!  Not just for big adventures though – our hammock is loved everywhere from the backyard to the side of the trail – I’m sure your family will love one too (make sure to get a few so no one has to fight).  Read our full review on the DoubleNest here and then go HERE TO WIN ONE!!!


This will be sure to transform your home into one of the hottest spots on the block.  A high adventure thrill that everyone will be dying to do again and again.  One of our favorites is the Slackers Zipline, which sells one with and without a seat to accommodate all ages.  Read our full review here.  About $150.


Gibbon Funline X13 Slackline Continued…

Two years ago, we wrote about the original Gibbon Funline here.  Since then, we’ve used it and used it and used it – it’s performing like a champ.  It’s one of our go-to toys when we go somewhere with lots of friends, knowing it will provide hours of fun for everyone.  When we do it, we usually set up a rope above it for the kids to grab onto so they (and their parents) can have a little independence.

Well, this trend has caught on and Gibbon has added not only a line you can set up above your Funline, but also a hand trainer.  The hand trainer is what really sets this apart and helps users to develop the skills and balance that they need to learn to slackline well.  It’s basically a piece of webbing you hold onto but it trains the user to have their hands up and spread apart for balance.  If you falter one way, it forces your whole body to correct – it’s a fantastic idea.  The only downside is that to get the handline up in the tree often requires a little bit of climbing, especially for taller slackliners.  That being said, it’s still the best tool we’ve seen to teach form correctly without creating lots of dependence on a hand line alone (which our kids have developed from years of just having that…oops).  This is also a fantastic set-up for your little daredevil, since it’s a great system for trying cool tricks without the constant fear of falling off!  You get a whole lot of fun for this $80!

As always, Gibbon wants to make you happy, so one of you will get the chance to win your own Funline X13!

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