Top 20 things to do outside on a snowy day!

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When most people think of snowy day activities for kids, they think about what to do inside.  Here at Bring The Kids, we’re all about getting kids (and parents) outside and enjoying nature, so snow days are no exception.  It just happens to be an added bonus that while those kids are outside with you, your house isn’t getting dirty (or dirtier) and your kids are burning off lots of energy so they can be more mellow inside!  Here are some of our favorites (and also some from our blogging friends):

1.  Take an icicle walk.  This is a great way to get out and explore without getting snowy and wet (if you’re careful).

2.  Make some snow ice cream (honestly this is so so yummy).

3.  Go snowshoeing in your backyard.

4.  Build a snowman (isn’t our snowman making kit the cutest thing EVER!)

5.  Snowball target practice.  Make a pile of snowballs and try and throw them all into a bucket (easily adaptable for young and old)

6.  Make a snow maze by stomping out paths throughout the yard.

7.  Play snow maze TAG.  Yep, play tag, but the rule is that you have to stay on one of the “maze” paths.

8.  Write a secret message with some snow graffitti.

9.  Build a giant snow hill.

10.  Shovel peoples sidewalks.  Tell your kids you’re on a secret mission and you have to shovel all the neighbors walks without them knowing!  They’ll have tons of fun on their secret mission and also learn how to serve.

11.  Go sledding.

12.  Create some ice art.

13.  Tie Dye a snow angel

14.  Make snow track pictures.

15.  Teach your kids to cross country ski.

16.  Build a snow fort.

17.  Track animals in the snow.

 18.  Have a little snack by eating snow and/or icicles.

19.  Bust out your sand toys and make a “snow castle” (idea here)

and our favorite…

 20.  SKI (you can read our kid skiing articles here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here)

PHEW!  Now there’s no real excuse to stay inside this winter.  Well that is, except to warm up with this AMAZING hot chocolate!

As always, make sure to keep your kids warm out there.  If you want to know how cold is too cold for kids to be outside, check this out.

5 thoughts on “Top 20 things to do outside on a snowy day!”

  1. Stephanie Rodgers

    With the temperature in Pittsburgh being the way that it is, we experience many snowy days. Naturally we all have fun outside in the snow building snowmen, and making snow angels. Eventually tho that gets a little old. These ideas you’ve just given me from this post will definitely change things up for the better. My kids are gonna love it. Thanks for the post.

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