There’s always time for a hike

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On a recent trip to Glenwood Springs, we had a little downtime and decided to go on a quick hike right out of town. We wanted something close and convenient that the kids and we would enjoy. However, we had no idea where to go!

What now?  We hoped to just stop by the forest service office in town, but unfortunately it was closed that morning.  These offices are great resources which offer maps, handouts and knowledgeable staff who know about all of the recreational activities in their area. In many cases, they are much better than Google or a guidebook for finding specific information on what is available. In hopes of finding someone to help us, we walked down the street and into a bike shop.  Within three minutes we had talked to a knowledgeable local who gave us four or five hikes close to town. The lesson: Locals are a great resource to find awesome places that you may not find in guidebooks or online.

We headed up the boy scout trail, which is right at the top of 8th street in Glenwood Springs. It was a simple smooth hike, with great views.  We had our destination picked out, but the discovery along the way ended up being more important. Our kids discovered shale and how easily the thin layers can break off. We collected rocks, watched ants and butterflies, and then pretended to be butterflies and chameleons.  We watched Chloe circle a bush over and over again, excitedly saying hi each time she came around.  Ultimately, watching our kids enjoy life and have fun is one of the big reasons that keeps us seeking new adventures.  We all love them.

Oh, and Mason is a huge fan of getting his picture taken…

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