The Top 10 Family Adventure Movies

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When it comes to movies, ditch the superheros and princesses, and treat your family to some amazing classics.  If your family is searching for adventure, here are our top 10 family adventure movies to get you excited, energized, and ready to explore!

Best Adventure Movies for Families

When I was growing up, movies were completely different than they are today.  Plots were well developed, adventure was everywhere, and blood, gore, and violence weren’t as pervasive as they are today.

So instead of looking for an adventure movie for kids at the Redbox, stay in tonight and stream one of these classic adventure movies with your family.

All of the movies below are shows that I’d considered classics and are family friendly movies that are clean and without a lot of violence or disturbing scenes.  Some of these shows are more adventure movies for teens than for younger kids.  Obviously use your judgement when determining if these shows are appropriate for your kids.

Also, if there are other great adventure movies for families that aren’t on our list, please comment below so others can know about them too!

Oh, and while we’re going back to the classics, if you don’t have one of these popcorn poppers, you’re totally missing out – everyone in our family is obsessed with making popcorn this way!  Top it with coconut oil and sea salt, or with nutritional yeast, and your life may never be the same!

1. The Goonies

After finding a treasure map, a group of friends rally together to find the treasure of One Eyed Willy.  Honestly, if you have not seen this movie, you are missing out on a vital piece of American Culture.  Goonies is one of the best adventure movies for kids.  Although this is a must see, we recommend waiting until kids are a little older (age 7 and up )before letting them watch Goonies since there are a few scary parts.


2. The Princess Bride

The classic tale of love, adventure, and of course, crazy people.  The Princess Bride is an action and adventure movie that will have you on the edge of your seat (even if you’ve already seen it 100 times) as you follow Wesley (aka The Dread Pirate Roberts) on his quest to save the woman he loves (Buttercup).  AAAAAAAAAS YOOOOOOOU WIIIIISHHHHHHHHH!


3. Swiss Family Robinson

One families ultimate adventure as they are shipwrecked and learn to live on a deserted island.  That is, of course, until pirates attack.  This amazing movie will have you dreaming of exotic animal races, owning a pet tiger, and living in the worlds coolest treehouse.  Beware, if you watch Swiss Family Robinson with your kids, they’ll be asking you to take them on tropical vacations for the next several years, and the thought of being shipwrecked will be exciting instead of terrifying.

4. UP

Up is a cartoon that is just as great for adults as it is for kids.  Relive what it feels like to have a dream and chase after it, no matter what age.  Follow along the life of Carl and see some of his life’s greatest adventures come true.  The unlikely adventures of a young (somewhat annoying boy), and a grouchy old man, make Up one of the greatest adventure films of all time.



5. Peter Pan

Is Peter Pan considered an adventure movie?  Absolutely!  Yes, this animated classic is truly one of the best adventure movies.  Enter the world of make believe with Peter Pan, where children never grow up, pirates are scared of crocs, and you can fly.  This is a great movie for kids of all ages (with Hook being a great second for older kids – RUFIO!)

6. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe

This updated version of C.S. Lewis’ classic tale will transport you into a magical world where animals talk and walk just like people.  Enjoy the ride as you follow the young quartet on their battle to defeat the evil witch and find Aslan the lion.  Although this is a little intense for younger audiences, it’s a fantastic show for older kids, with a great moral at the end!  It also has a wonderful amount of C. S. Lewis’s classic symbolism in the movie that would be fantastic to discuss with your kids as well.


7. Nims Island

Join Nim, a young girl alone on a desserted island while her father is lost at sea.  She must enlist all of her animal friends and knowledge of the island to save her home from invaders.  Think Robinson Crusoe meets Indiana Jones…as a 10 year old! The adventures on Nim’s Island are wonderful and as it’s a bit more modern, kids can really relate to how Nim feels to be all alone on her island.

8. The Jungle Book

This live-action version of Disney’s classic animated film, has quickly become a keepsake.  This movie follows the adventures of Mowgli, the boy raised by wolves, on his journey through the jungle.  Kids will be both inspired and in awe at Mowgli’s bravery, determination and courage throughout the whole movie.

9. The Man From Snowy River

Follow Jim Craig as he tries to tame the Australian outback and live off the land.  With the best horse riding scenes the world has ever seen, this movie is a complete classic.  In my family, if there were a vote for the best movie of all time, this would win HANDS DOWN.

10. The Never Ending Story

Enter a crazy fantasy world as you follow Bastian through the pages of a book.  The Never Ending story is an adventure and fantasy movie that will have you wanting to be a hero right along side him and save worlds of your own too!


What are your favorite adventure movies?  If there’s a great one that you think should be on this list, please comment below!

96 thoughts on “The Top 10 Family Adventure Movies”

    1. Oh my goodness. My kids checked out Home Alone at the library this week and we’re watching it tonight! CAN’T WAIT!!

  1. Right now we have two favorite adventure movies, Peter Pan and 101 Dalmations! We watch one of those two movies everyday!

    1. Oops, hadn’t read the question. I’d probably have to say Finding Nemo, since I lived a pretty sheltered and unadventurous life. 😉

  2. Wow you have 3 of my FAVORITE all time movies! Goonies, Never Ending Story, and Princess Bride!! I’d have to say the Indiana Jones movies are also my favorites. My kids like Journey 2 the Center of the Earth.

  3. I like Snow White not sure if that is really a adventure movie. Right now my oldest kids are in love with journey to the center of the earth and chronicles of narnia. My youngest two like the polar express and anything Dora.

  4. My vote has to be Man From Snowy River or anything that has to do with Jim Craig. Even though the horse scenes are great, the music Makes It Work

  5. I would say Raiders of the Lost Ark, but even tough you listed Swiss Family Robinson, that has always been our fave!

  6. I’d say Goonies and the Princess Bride if they weren’t already on the list, so I guess another one we like is Home Alone.

  7. Angelique Drummond

    I can’t help but pick one on your list because you’ve picked my favorite movie of all time and that is the Princess Bride. I LOVE that movie. If I had to pick one that wasn’t on your list The Wizard was a fun family adventure movie.

  8. My kids are still pretty young, so I don’t know! I recently saw Labyrinth which was a flashback to my childhood when I saw it!
    We love Tangled and my daughter likes Spy Kids.

  9. The Goonies and the Neverending Story are tops on my list.Gremlins!! I liked Honey, I Shrunk the Kids too!

  10. I like “The Princess Bride” very much! “Milo and Otis” is a good one too. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  11. UP!
    The Hobbit
    The Sandlot
    The rest of my family likes Hoodwinked . . .
    Can “What About Bob?” be considered as an adventure movie?

  12. Leslie L. Stanziani

    My favorite has got to be the Harry Potter series.I own all of them and the 4 kids watch them with me all the time.

  13. We love a lot of the movies that are on your list! We are big movie fans here! Wizard of Oz is a definite favorite though as well! Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Princess Bride and Adventures in Babysitting are my two favorite movies. I still watch them when they come on tv.

  15. Cheryl Abdelnour


  16. actually our favorite is listed… the Goonies! It’s been one of my faves since I saw it in the theater when I was itty bitty. It’s timeless!

  17. You should have just put The Man From Snowy River on here 9 times with The Return to Snowy River once (because of the whip scene at the beginning)

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