Teach your Kids that Every Day is Earth Day

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I love today!  Honestly, Earth Day just makes me happy.  I am thrilled knowing that people all over the world are celebrating and enjoying our amazing Earth today.

While I love Earth Day, I really believe that every day is Earth Day.  Even better, I try to teach my kids that.

Here are a few simple ways to teach your kids that every day really is Earth Day:


1.  Get Outside:  What good is celebrating the Earth, if you’re just sitting inside.  Whether you’re out exploring mountains, oceans, or the park down the street, make sure that you get outside with your kids.  Get down on your kids level.  They will love to teach you about the things they know (in our case, snakes and spiders) and you’ll be amazed by what they discover.

2.  Be Responsible:  Teach kids to leave places better than they found it.  Whenever you are out and about, show your kids easy ways to improve the world around them.  Try picking up some litter or clearing small rocks off a trail/sidewalk.  It only takes a second to teach your kids and is an easy habit to form.  As an added bonus, this transitions very easy to inside and leaving a room better than they found it (picking up toys, clothes, etc).

3.  Be Respectful:  This goes right along with being responsible.  Teach your kids that everyone gets to enjoy nature and they need to respect it.  Teach them to stay on the trail, take care of their trash, and not pester animals (even those pesky squirrels at the park).  Also, as much as I encourage my kids to yell, run, and have fun, teach them to be respectful of others too and recognize that their definition of relaxation might not involve a pack of wild children running crazy.  It’s easy and can translate everywhere from the park to the backcountry.


Now all of these things take practice and lots of reminders (especially if your kids are little).  For us, one of the best ways to teach our kids about Earth Day is to give them a visual reminder.  One of our favorites?  SIGG bottles Cuipo water bottles.  SIGG has teamed up with Cuipo whose mission is to preserve and protect endangered rainforests one meter at a time (1 meter of rainforest os protected for each bottle sold).  Each of these bottles features a fun graphic that reminds kids about the rainforest.  

Why are these such a great way to teach kids about protecting the Earth?

1.  My kids love the exotic animals on them and get so excited about helping them.
2.  They will use them EVERY. DAY. especially in the summer – great constant visual reminder of Earth Day – Every Day!
3.  A good reminder that instead of throwing away water bottles each time, they are reusing theirs.

After we got our bottles, I gave my kids a quick 15 minute lesson about rainforests, Earth Day and being responsible.  Honestly, every time they use these bottles, one of them brings up what we talked about (visuals and associations are KEY when teaching kids).


As always, these bottles hold up well with all the fine quality you would expect from SIGG.  BPA-Free, easy to open/close, recyclable, and they have an awesome lid to keep the mouthpiece clean.  Super awesome!


Looking for more ways to celebrate Earth Day?  Check out this awesome pinterest board from Debi at Go Explore Nature!


Thanks so SIGG for providing these bottles for this post.  As always, these are our honest opinions!


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