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Why high school mountain biking through NICA might be the best sport for your kids

The NICA Experience Just over 3 years ago, our two oldest kids started high school mountain bike racing through NICA. ...
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Best Lightweight Mountain Bikes for Kids

The weight of a kids bikes matters SO MUCH!  I cannot emphasize this enough.  Putting little kids on heavy bikes is just a recipe for disaster.  Lightweight mountain bikes make climbing easier, descending smoother, and generally just make mountain biking with kids BETTER!  
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5 Mountain Bike Skills Kids Need To Get Started On The Trail

Want to introduce your kids to mountain biking? Here are 5 critcal mountain bike skills that every kid needs to know before they start on the trail.
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Best Mountain Bike Trails in Vernal Utah + Map

Heading out to Vernal and want to see what the area has for mountain bikers? We were on a mission ...
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