Super Gear for Super Hero Hikers

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Whenever you are trying to get kids to do something new (or even old for that matter), presentation is key.  Right now, I have 2 kids who are REALLY into super heros.  If something looks fun, exciting and especially if there is a mention of super heros, then they are much more likely to willingly go along with my plan.  Presentation goes hand in hand pretty strongly with the anticipation: one of a parents most powerful tools.  That’s why we’ve learned over the years that the way we present an activity to our kids is key.  Yes, there are days where I’m frazzled and snapping at everyone as we rush out the door, trips where presentation and anticipation are high lend themselves much better to happy kids (and mom).  One thing that gets my kids super excited about an adventure is some shiny new gear because it gives them super powers don’t you know!  Although we know that fancy new gear is definitely not essential to adventuring, it sure is fun!  Here are a few pieces of gear that have gotten my kids excited about fall hiking and even begging for a chance to get out and use it again and bust out their super hero moves.

Hi-Tec- TT Elastic Lace JR – Mason has been seriously lovin’ on these shoes.  Dubbed his lightning shoes (because of the electric green color) he’s convinced that these make him hike like a super hero, and I would agree!  I especially love that they’re not heavy and bulky the tread is designed to stick out below the shoes instead of a monster sized sole.  They also have Hi-Tec’s Big Fit system which makes them actually grow with your kid (you can be sure you’ll be hearing more about those as Mason grows).

What?  A shoe that masterfully goes from playing kickball to scrambling rocks all with a smiling boy wearing them – WINNER!

 Camelbak Mini M.U.L.E. – Getting kids to drink while hiking can sometimes be a bit of a battle.  We’ve combatted that with great water bottles and pretty good habits, but it’s still a bit of a challenge.  Enter the Mini M.U.L.E.  Um, my kids seriously fight over this thing.  Whoever is the lucky wearer of this pack constantly has the straw in their mouth sucking away.  Super-hydrated and energetic kids!  Okay, it probably helps that I always tell my kids that water gives them energy, but whoever wears this pack always feels a little more SUPER!  It’s also lent itself to the unintended side effect of making the wearer run on the trail.  Truth, they’re actually running away from a sibling trying to steal this away, but I’ll take anything that makes their feet move a little faster.


Coghlan’s Kids Binoculars – A true gem at our house.  These little beauties get used almost daily everywhere from in the treehouse (um, yes we have a super sweet tree house we just built), on the trail, at the circus, or on the way to school.  Often found in my purse, these give my kids super power eyes that they are quick to brag about.  Easy, simple, durable and cheap (my fave).  I’m thinkin’ we may have to stock up on these for all the kindergarten birthday parties in our future!



What gear do you have that helps give your kids special powers?

Thanks to Hi-Tec, Camelbak, and Coghlans for providing gear for this post.

3 thoughts on “Super Gear for Super Hero Hikers”

  1. Where do I buy those binoculars? Josh has wanted binoculars for a very long time but the only ones I can find are not high quality and break in the first day or so that we have them. I think we might need some of those MULE packs for the kids here…it is hard to keep them hydrated when we play outside!

    1. The binoculars are a 2013 item so you will have to wait a couple months – but seriously, I’d wait until these come out and not buy other ones. They will be under $10 and are more sturdy (so far) than the ones we bought to take to Africa, but don’t weight nearly as much

  2. Love the binoculars idea! I can see those in our future! We have a small camelback for the kids but the first time we took it out the mouthpiece got a little too much lovin’ and had to be replaced. Pretty soon it will be cool enough for us to go hiking again here can’t wait!… I have so many back comments I want to make. I read every single one of your posts. They are fantastic. Keep em coming! 😉

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