Straight From The Igloo - Tips On Dressing Warm In The Winter

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I’m sure you’ve heard it before,

“There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.”

But let’s be honest – there’s something about a stormy February day that makes all of us question if our winter clothing really is to blame…ESPECIALLY WITH KIDS!
Trust me, I totally get it.  With 5 young kids, I sometimes feel like a never ending machine that puts layers ON and OFF of kids.  Because, obviously no one ever thought about going to the bathroom BEFORE their snow pants were on!

But if I have to choose between constantly getting my kids dressed/undressed to spend time OUTSIDE or having them INSIDE all the time, you better believe that I will happily dress them All. Day. Long.

Because I’d go crazy if they stayed inside all day!

So, I grabbed an expert at staying warm to help give some tips today…my daughter Sydney who absolutely HATES being cold!  This girl knows a thing or two about layering up AND staying warm and dry.


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