Snowy Day Adventures: Snow Track Pictures

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Looking for more fun outdoor activities to do with your kids on a snowy day?  Snow track pictures are perfect for kids of all ages.  Here’s how you do it:

Your goal is to make pictures/outlines in the snow.  Because of that, this activity is best suited to freshly fallen snow that hasn’t been tracked up by lots of little footprints and sled tracks.

Start by deciding on a design.  When I do this with the kids we come up with the designs together and I help them get started so that the final result is something recognizable.

Walk the outline of your shape.

Step back and let your kids get to work stomping.  Have them follow the outline and walk the path over and over until your shape is easily recognizable.  The deeper the snow is, the longer they will need to stomp.

It keep it easy, we try to stick with shapes or letters, but let your kids get creative and choose something they really like.

When we’re done, we go on the deck or up on a hill to admire our pictures!

Simple, fun, and burns off lots of kid energy.  In a word – PERFECT!


  • Kim C. says:

    FUN!! I need me a snow fix soon!

    You should google “snow quilts by simon beck” I bet your kids would love it 🙂

    • Jessica says:

      If you really meant to say “I bet you would love it”, you are so so true! Finally, the perfect combo of my love of snow and sewing!

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