Snow Strider Ski Bike Attachment – The Coolest Snow Toy AROUND!

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In our quest to have our kids think we’re the coolest parents ever, we’re constantly on the lookout for the coolest toys.

Well, we can now confidently say that we’ve found the coolest snow toy around, and our kids couldn’t agree more!

The Snow Strider Ski Bike Attachment

Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like.  An attachment to turn your sweet little Strider bike into a ski bike.  It has quickly become the toy that everyone fights over getting to use because it’s just that cool.  It takes about a minute in a half to attach the skis to the bike and let the Strider be an all weather toy!  Amazingly this works great for older kids (5-9 ish) in place of a sled on steeper terrain (just raise up the handle bars and seat for them), and for younger kids pretty much anywhere else (though out 19 month old still needs help in more than a couple inches of snow…but hey, that’s even without the bike ;0).

To really appreciate how cool it is and some of the features we loved, check out little Chloe showing you her stuff (thanks to Andrew’s mad video editing skills).

Check out this amazingly well done Snow Strider video as well (warning: if you’re not already sold, this will make you want to buy one TODAY)!


The only improvement that we can see in the bikes future would be to make an attachment that could fit all models of bikes, ESPECIALLY for older kids and teens (per my 6-year-olds request).

Looking for the coolest snow toy around?  Snow Strider is where it’s at!


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