Skiing vs Snowboarding

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So goes the age-old winter sports debate: What is better, skiing or snowboarding?

Obviously, we’re pretty biased towards skiing, but here’s a great infographic from that shares some great numbers around the debate

Skiing vs. Snowboarding Infographic by Last Minute Ski Deals

3 thoughts on “Skiing vs Snowboarding”

  1. Corey Christensen

    The correct answer is:
    1. Powder Days = Snowboarding
    2. Everything else = Skiing

    At least that’s what I do.

  2. The correct answer is:

    Whatever gets you outside and moving!

    Skiing, snowboarding, cross country, backcountry, front country, snowshoeing, skating… it doesn’t matter. If you’re outside and enjoying yourself that’s what counts!

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