Kids Ski Clothing by Shred Dog - How Good Is It?

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We’ve talked about it here before, but I’ll keep saying it again and again:

“Don’t go cheap on your kids gear!”

Trust me, I know that it’s tempting to grab those gloves at Costco that are on sale or the cool looking jacket at Target that all the popular kids are wearing, but it’s just not worth it.  At the same time, I know that the cost of high quality outerwear for kids can be outrageous, especially if you’re getting it for multiple kids like we are.  

However, the benefits of having good outdoor clothing, especially in the winter, far outweigh the money you’re going to save by purchasing a discount brand. 

skiing grand targhee kids

What if…

…instead of having kids always beg to come inside to warm up on a snow day, you had to beg your kids to finally come inside for dinner.

…instead of sitting in the ski lodge with a child who is soaked to the bone, your family could ski together as long as you want.

…your kids learned to love being outside in the winter since they never had to worry about being wet and cold. 

Good gear can make all of this a reality.  

One of our main goals here at Bring The Kids is to connect you with high quality brands that are going to make being outside more pleasant for everyone.  

We are even more thrilled when we find brands that produce amazing gear at so much less than comparable brands on the market.  

What is Shred Dog Kids Ski Clothing?

In the past few years, we’ve seen a newly emerging outerwear brand for kids popping up around ski resorts in Utah.  Curious, I’ve chatted with parents about this new brand Shred Dog, and everyone I’ve met has been absolutely blown away by the quality.  

Shred Dog was started by a dad who saw a major gap in the children’s winter outerwear industry.  As a parent of an avid skier and snowboarder, Marc found that most of the outerwear available to kids just wasn’t that great, and the gear that was, had a huge price tag attached.  His goal became to manufacture incredibly high quality kids outerwear at a more affordable price.

How Does The Shred Dog System Work

Like all good outerwear systems, Shred Dog depends on layering.  We talk about it all the time here, but especially in winter, kids should be dressed in a wicking base layer, an insulating mid layer and a waterproof outer layer, that can be mixed and matched depending on the weather and temperature.  

Shred Dog is set up exactly the same way, with their winter line featuring base layers, mid layers, and outer shells.  Our kids have been busy putting each of these pieces to the test, and I can’t wait to share with you what we’ve found so far.

Shred Dog Base Layers

While we haven’t been able to take these skiing yet (the resorts open in about a month), we got some Shred Dog base layers for kids just in time for a super chilly camping trip, and they were fantastic!  We really put them to the test since our RV heater decided to break on this trip and the only reason the kids stayed warm was their base layers and lots of running around! 

Both kids wearing Foundation base layer bottoms. Green top is a Foundation base layer top and the blue jacket is Shred Dog’s mid-layer fleece jacket.

Truthfully, this kids base layer clothing was so great that I’m confident that they won’t just be reserved for layering, but for everyday clothing choices for my kids throughout the winter. To see how Shred Dog base layers for kids compare to other base layer brands, check out our full base layer comparison article.

Foundation Base Layer Bottom $30

These children’s base layer bottoms are so cozy, I wish they came in my size! The 4-way stretch allows them to fit a variety of body types well, and the inside is brushed making them extra soft.  As my daughter described them, “They’re basically the best combination of base layers and fleece pants…can I wear them every day?

In fact, for girls, these girls ski base layers can be worn every day and I can see her wearing them to school as leggings throughout the winter, making them great girls base layers.  As a mom, I also love that they’re thicker than most base layers and leggings, so if she does want to wear them as leggings I don’t have to worry about them being see through in areas.  

Another feature that I love about the Shred Dog base layer bottoms is that they’re gender neutral.  My son is at the age where it’s embarrassing to just wear around a pair of boys base layers with a “pouch” if he ever wants to take his ski pants off.  Since these are gender neutral, they look more like a fitted pair of joggers (my son is slim, so they would be tighter on bigger kids).  As a mom, I love that this means that FINALLY my daughter can get hand me down boys base layers from her older brother without feeling like she’s wearing boys underwear!

Foundation Base Layer Top $36

The Foundation kids base layer top is made out of the same wonderful material as the bottoms are.  It’s stretchy, and has a perfect microfleece brushed feel on the back.  My daughter wore this base layer top on a desert camping trip where it was freezing in the morning and evening and then really warm during the day. 

She kept this top on the whole time and kept telling me how nice it was to be able to have the same shirt keep her comfortable both when she was hot AND cold.  It does a great job of insulating, but once she got warm, she simply unzipped the top and the material wicked her sweat away This exactly how the best kids base layers should perform while skiing on the mountain, so I’m thrilled! 

Of course, the kids favorite feature of these kids base layers, was that it has thumb holes, which always makes layering up in the winter even easier.  

Advanced Performance Base Layer Top $44

This is an ultra stretchy kid base layer top with a ¼ zip at the neck for easy ventilation control.  This is the top of the line best base layer that Shred Dog makes.  I love that the material is super stretchy so that it can keep up with my kids who barely ever slow down.  One of my boys is also really sensitive to different fabrics and seems (especially for base layers), so I was thrilled to check it out and see that the entire top is seamless.  If you’re trying to decide which Shred Dog kids base layer to get, this is their best base layer for cold weather and really active kids. As a mom, I love that even though it has a 1/4 top, there is a mesh gusset sewn in, so my kids are still well covered!  

Shred Dog Kids’ Mid-Layer Fleece Jacket $54

Our kids have also been trying out Shred Dog’s mid layer fleece, and with the cool weather that’s been settling in lately, I haven’t seen either one of them outside at our mountain home lately without it on. 

Perfect jackets for fall hiking

This winter kids jacket is one of those pieces that you really have to touch to fully appreciate.  The outside is a jersey knit, and the inside is a grid styled fleece that’s super soft and cozy.  It’s not super thick which is exactly what you want in a mid-layer, so it’s a perfect stand alone jacket during the fall and spring and gives you lots of layering versatility throughout the winter.  

Perhaps my favorite feature of this kids winter jacket is that since it isn’t bulky, it doesn’t inhibit movement at all, which is a problem with a lot of other brands’ layering systems.  In fact, just today my son had to go outside and run the mile for PE…when it was 20 degrees outside (realities of living in a mountain town).  He said that he was so glad he had this warm winter jacket because it kept him just the right temperature while running in the cold, and all of his friends were either way too hot or way too cold with what they were wearing. 

I know that if this kids winter jacket gets my teenagers seal of approval with running that it will exceed our expectations throughout the winter, and I can see it being an essential layering piece for my kids as they cross country ski and snow shoe this winter.  

Is Shred Dog clothing worth the money?

Absolutely!  When I buy cheap outdoor gear for my kids, it rarely lasts, so instead I end up buying more and more, costing me more in the long run.  So instead of paying $50 for a pair of great mittens that will last a few years, I pay $20 every 3 months and my kids always have wet, cold hands.  RIP OFF! (Save yourself the pain, and just get a pair of gloves off of our best gloves and mittens chart!)

When my oldest son was 3, I succumbed to the Target and Costco trap for both his coat and his mittens.  Each time it would snow, he would last for about 30 minutes outside before he was absolutely frozen, and we’d head inside to dry all his gear out.  As a new mom, I thought that was “normal”.  

Boy was I wrong.  

I’ve now learned that not only does good quality clothing make my kids enjoy being outside in the winter more, but it makes me enjoy being out there with them more as well (which is just as important).  

Shred Dog outerwear isn’t cheap at all (except the base layers – they’re a steal for what you get).  However, when you consider that to get outerwear with comparable specifications to Shred Dog, you’d easily pay $250-$300, their prices are fantastic!  Also as a mom with a large family, I know that if I invest in really great gear for my older kids, it’s going to last and be put to the test over, and over, and over as we pass that gear down to younger siblings at they grow.  

Remember, good gear isn’t just a purchase – it’s an investment in living the active and outdoor lifestyle that you dream of!

This article was created as part of a collaboration with Shred Dog. All opinions are our own and are our honest experiences with the clothing.

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