Saas-Fee Switzerland: A place so awesome, it made my kids want to drop out of school

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IMG_1134Suspended 25 feet above me, my 7-year-old yells down to me on the ground, “Mom, this place is so cool!  I want to drop out of school just so I can live here and play EVERY SINGLE DAY.”


We’re at the middle of the Swiss Alps on a practically perfect day in the town of Saas-Fee.  Surrounded by immense mountains, an unreal amount of green foliage, and the blissful smell of the air telling us that it would start raining soon.

As I hear my sons declaration of abandoning school, I can’t help but laugh and tell him how awesome that would be.  Because if a place is so cool that it makes my school loving boy want to drop out of the second grade (oh yes, I can see the headlines “adventure crazed kid drops out of elementary school and hits the road), well then it’s pretty amazing.

The truth is, I’d be thrilled to drop everything and move to Saas-Fee, Switzerland.


Now it’s likely that Saas-Fee has never really registered on your radar, but let me tell you – IT SHOULD.  Undoubtably, you’ve heard of a little town in the next valley called Zermatt, and the peak that made it famous, The Matterhorn.  Well, Saas Fee has its own claim to fame sitting at the base of The Dom, the tallest mountain in the Swiss Alps.  For families, it was absolutely fantastic and a great alternative to it’s pricey and touristy neighbor (more about that HERE).  Right in the town there are lots of fun things to do that will win your heart over in a second.

Here are are favorite three adventures that you absolutely won’t want to miss:

The Adventure Forest:  Or as my son calls it “the coolest thing in the world”.  It’s a ropes course through the trees where you get to jump, balance, and fly through a series of tree-top obstacles and challenges.  With a smaller course for younger kids (1.15 m and up) and a larger course for teens and adults, this is a must visit stop during your stay.  The highlight is easily the two massive ziplines aross a huge gorge on the bigger course, that will more than satisfy your need for a crazy adrenaline rush!



The Almagellerhorn Adventure Trail:  This trail is amazing!  Perched on the side of a mountain, this is a great do it yourself thrill hike for adventurous young families.  It does have some steep and exposed areas (though with a rail), so be prepared.  We tried this with the family and turned around sending just our oldest (age 7) and his Dad, which was a great idea!


Hohsiland Adventure Playground:  This place FAR exceeded our expectations and we could have easily spent the whole day here with the kids.  Set above Saas Grund, you’ll find some amazing playgrounds, a lake to play by, a water play area, great kid-friendly hikes and more.


Looking for more ideas and some amazing photo-inspiration that will completely suck you in?  Check out these sites here and here for TONS of info on the area.

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