Rock Climbing Pregnant – Yes you can!!

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Today I’m thrilled to have Erica aka CragMama here with us (a fellow Mountain Mama ambassador with me).  This gal is seriously amazing.  She’s an amazing climber, a super mom, and yet remains amazingly down to earth.   To top it all off, she’s pretty much an expert on climbing pregnant with close to 75 weeks of pregnant climbing under her belt.  We’re thrilled that she’s here to share some tips and advice with us today.  Make sure that you check out the links at the bottom for some amazing climbing and pregnancy tips and inspiration.  Take it away Erica:
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When Jessica asked if she could introduce me on her blog and share my experiences about staying active during pregnancy (specifically climbing), I jumped at the chance!  A little background on me – my name is Erica Lineberry, and I’m a rock climbing athlete for Trango Climbing Gear, Stonewear Designs Clothing, and for a few more weeks, Mountain Mama.  My husband and I have been climbing since 2006, and our 3 year old has been joining us at the crag since he was 4 weeks old (or well before that, if you count in utero!)  We are currently expecting baby #2 in just less than a month, and looking forward to the new adventures she will bring to our family!

Prenatal fitness is a topic that I’m very passionate about, as it is helpful to not just mama, but also baby!  Obviously every pregnancy and every body is different, so I’m not about to proclaim that all mamas-to-be should prescribe to the same activity level.  What I am saying, however, is that in a normal, healthy pregnancy, most women are able to continue with any activities they were engaged in on a regular pre-pregnancy basis, for as long as they still feel comfortable.  Sure, modifications will need to be made.  But as long the expectant mother is listening to her body and watched closely by an OB/midwife, she can (and should!) feel free to keep moving!

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For me, my main sources of exercise (pregnant or not) include rock climbing, hiking, running, and biking.  With baby #1, I was able to continue hiking and climbing (indoors and outdoors) for my entire pregnancy – last session was at the gym less than 48 hours before he was born!  I stopped the biking once the weather turned cold, and running began to feel uncomfortable long about 27 weeks or so.  I’m currently just shy of 36 weeks with baby #2, and while this pregnancy has been similar, there are a few marked differences.  Although some of my physical symptoms have been worse (1st trimester nausea, varicose veins, pressure, etc.), my activity levels have surprisingly been higher!  I’m comfortably climbing at a much higher level than during my last pregnancy, and still able to run once or twice a week, although the majority of my cardio sessions are generally on the elliptical now.

This pregnancy I’ve been sharing my pregnancy experiences on my blog – Cragmama.  Here’s a list of posts that fellow active mamas-to-be might find helpful…

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Please feel free to pop over and check things out, and don’t hesitate to drop me an email (infoATcragmamaDOTcom) to share a story or ask a question!

Thanks so much Erica!  You’re truly an inspiration!
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