Adjustable Kids Ski Boots – Do They Really Work?

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Lately, we’ve noticed that people have all sorts of reasons for not doing things with their kids.  Too hard.  Too long.  Too uncomfortable.  However, we’ve noticed that most people have the same excuse for not skiing with their kids:  too expensive.  

It’s true, skiing with kids can be incredibly expensive – especially if you are just going for one day.  Between the day lift ticket rates, getting all the warm weather gear, and then the ski rentals, you might feel like you’re spending a small fortune.  

So how to people actually afford to ski?  

Over the years, we’ve learned TONS of secrets that have easily saved us thousands of dollars through the years.  
kids skiing

Our big ones are buying used ski gear (which is cheaper than 2 days of rentals most places), passing our gear down through all our kids, teaching our own kids to ski, buying season passes in the summer (which is cheaper than paying for a week of skiing), and buying single day tickets online at Liftopia (so much cheaper).  

Our favorite trick to saving money on skiing is getting several years worth of use out of our gear.  We buy the kids coats a little big, size-up their mittens and gloves and always buy helmets with an adjustment dial.  

In the past, it felt impossible to keep up with the rate our kids feet grow, and we were constantly buying new ski boots.  Now we’ve started using adjustable ski boots, so our kids have been able to wear the same pair of ski boots for up to 3 seasons!  

Have you ever heard of Roces Adjustable ski boots?  Well, these boots have been a game changer for us, so I’m thrilled to share them with you.  We’ve been using these boots for 8 ski seasons and they’re still working wonderfully for us.

These are the boots that I recommend to EVERY ski family that I talk to. 

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What are adjustable ski boots?

kids skiing
Wearing Roces Adjustable Ski Boots

Roces makes a ski boot, IDEA, that is adjustable between 4 different sizes.  They come in sizes 9-12, 13-3, and 4-7.  Before getting these adjustable ski boots, we had several seasons where our kids went through a growth spurt and we needed to buy a new pair mid-season.  Now, all we have to do is quickly adjust their boot size and they’re all set.  Bindings don’t need to be adjusted at all, so that makes it even simpler.  

Our favorite part about having adjustable ski boots for kids?  They are incredibly affordable, and you can usually find them for around $100.  If you’re new to buying ski gear, this is an incredible deal, since it’s pretty easy to spend $200 on a pair of kids ski boots!  No, it’s not too good to be true!  Imagine, an awesome pair of ski boots that can get for an average of $25 per size.  Shoot, I can’t even buy a pair of sneakers for my kids at that price.  

Best features of adjustable ski boots for kids

Now, don’t let the awesome price fool you.  These boots are not just another piece of garbage, they’re serious quality, and keep performing well for us year after year.  Here are some things that we like about Roces ski boots:
–  Micro-adjust bindings
–  Adjust in 3 places – length, boot cuff height, and liner
–  Colors that our kids love (because let’s face it, kids want to look cool)
–  4 sizes in 1
–  Great price
–  You only need to adjust them when your kids feet grow (and it only takes a few minutes).  

Like I said, we’ve been using these kids ski boots for 8 ski seasons now and they are still going strong.  We’ve used them with our 3 oldest kids and have confidence that they will last through our other two kids and beyond. 

They’ve been thrown into the car, dropped on the pavement, and tossed down the basement stairs more times than I’d like to admit.  The important thing is that even though my kids have been rough on them (not intentionally, but I’ve got 4 boys here), they are still in great shape!
Check prices on Roces Adjustable Ski Boots

How to adjust ski boots

I wish that I could explain just how simple it is to adjust these ski boots.  It’s CRAZY EASY!  Check out this video to see exactly how it’s done:

Who do adjustable ski boots work well for?

Adjustable ski boots work great for beginner and intermediate skiers.  They are a bit more flexible, so they are a great option for kids who are learning how to ski.  If you have a child who’s a more advanced skier, these ski boots might not work as well. 

For kids who are more advanced skiers, I recommend buying a one size ski boot like these that are bit stiffer and more solid.  Having a more stiff ski boot allows kids to ski in a more aggressive stance, which will help them to conquer difficult terrain more easily.  

Why should you get your kids adjustable ski boots?

  1.  They’re a great option for kids who are growing quickly.  Instead of buying new boots all the time, you just adjust the sizing.
  2. They save space.  Instead of needing to store 4 pairs of ski boots for your kids, just hang onto one.
  3. Saving money.  Not only are these boots an amazing deal to begin with, but when you consider how long they can last, it’s pretty much a no brainer to get these for your kids.  
  4. They’re really high quality.  We’ve put them to the test over and over and they’re still performing well!

Like I mentioned earlier, these are the boots that we recommend over and over to families who want to get into skiing with their kids!  We absolutely love these boots.  They have exceeded our expectations and are a great product for families with fast growing kids.  Aside from our edgie wedgie, these are the coolest piece of ski gear we own.

Check prices on Roces Adjustable Ski Boots

We would like to thank Roces for providing the boots for this review.  We’ve been using them for years and these opinions are honest and exactly what we would tell our friends!

3 thoughts on “Adjustable Kids Ski Boots – Do They Really Work?”

  1. Yes! Roces all the way. I was skeptical when my sister said her kids were using them to learn to ski. But we’re fully converted. One thing to watch out for after handing them down to younger siblings (after several seasons with the older kids) is that the sole plates might need replaced to protect the boot. But those are a lot cheaper than new boots!!

  2. Just a word of caution for others who might be considering these boots. We bought them for our 5 year old, he’s in the smallest setting of the size we got (19-22), and while he says they are comfortable, they do not fit into the bindings of his (90cm) skis, they’re far too large. Probably because a size 22 boot is really meant for an 8-9 year old who will be on 110cm+ skis.

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