Roces Adjustable Ski Boots For Kids – Do They Really Work?

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Update – We’ve now had the Roces boots for almost 7 years and they are still going strong.  We’ve used them with our 3 oldest kids and have confidence that they will last through our other town kids and beyond.  We especially love that we can get several years worth of use from them and that it completely simplifies our gear problem with kids who seem to never stop growing.  For the best prices, look here!



Lately, we’ve noticed that people have all sorts of reasons for not doing things with their kids.  Too hard.  Too long.  Too uncomfortable.  However, we’ve noticed that most people have the same excuse for not skiing with their kids:  too expensive.  Well, as we’ve found out, that’s not necessarily true.  We have spent about $75 total on our kids ski gear and this is Mason’s 4th season and Chloe’s 2nd.  (You can find out some of our secrets to saving on gear here.)  Also, we’re very lucky that here in Colorado, most resorts let kids ski free until they’re 5 or 6 and we’re taking full advantage of that.  However, as our kids get older, we can see how skiing can quickly get more expensive as they grow, and are always looking for ways to stretch our money.

Have you ever heard of Roces?  Well listen up, because this is an awesome company that is working hard to make skiing affordable and accessible to families and growing kids.  Roces makes a ski boot, IDEA, that is adjustable between 4 different sizes.  They come in sizes 9-12, 13-3, and 4-7.   Our favorite part?  You can find them for around $100.  No, it’s not too good to be true!  Imagine, an awesome pair of ski boots that can get for an average of $25 per size.  Man, I’d pay that price for a crappy pair at a ski swap, so this is a crazy deal!

I wish that I could explain how easily these adjust, but the only way to do that justice is through this video:

Now, don’t let the awesome price fool you.  These boots are not just another piece of garbage, they’re serious quality.  Here are some things that we like about these boots:
–  Micro-adjust bindings
–  Adjust in 3 places – length, boot cuff height, and liner
–  Colors that our kids love (because let’s face it, kids want to look cool)
–  4 sizes in 1
–  Great price
–  You only need to adjust them when your kids feet grow

Really, they are great boots.  One thing that we think could be improved are buckles that are totally metal, as part of it is plastic.  Also, we’re curious to see how having the heel adjust will affect Mason’s stance as he grows.  Since most of the adjustment is in the heel it looks like as the size gets bigger, the boot makes the child lean more forward in a more aggressive stance, but we haven’t been able to test that yet.

Yes, we realize that ski season is coming to a close, but wanted to share this with you before you head out to grab an end of season deal on some gear.   Overall, we think that this is a great boot and an awesome solution for skiing families, and have a good feeling that we will probably be owning a pair in each of their three sizes, very soon!

We would like to thank Roces for providing the boots for this review and share that no compensation was provided and that these opinions are totally our own.

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