Remind Dad you still think he’s TOUGH this Father’s Day

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You know your man is tough, hard core, and generally up for anything.  I mean, that was probably one of the reasons that you married him, right?  Who can blame you – tough guys are attractive.

Enter Fatherhood…

The diaper bags, pastel patterns, squeaky toys, and burp cloths abound.  Top it off with a mini-van and it’s pretty hard to see the pre-dad ruggedness that you fell in love with through all of the kid stuff.

Time to say goodbye to that…at least partly.

It’s time to give him something that will remind him that he’s still the tough HUNK that you fell in love with.  As superficial as it sounds, we all know that what you wear has a big impact on how you feel (yes, admit it – it’s TRUE).  How better to make your man remember that you know he’s still just as tough as ever than with some rockin’ new clothes from Mountain Khakis (the ultimate in mountain clothing).

Now, don’t take it from me!  Here’s my own rugged man Andrew to share why these are some great picks for the perfect Fathers Day gift!


Yes, it’s true that I’m no fashion king.  However, I do know high quality and comfortable clothing, and this is right on for that.

M’s Equitorial Short – These shorts are so comfortable you could easily wear them every day, and since they don’t wrinkle, no one would ever know.  The nylon material is really soft and lightweight, and is water repellant – which I learned as Jimmy dumped water all over my lap, thank you.  Somehow they managed to pack 6 pockets into these shorts making them perfect for stashing things in and hiding them from your kids (anyone else’s kid obsessed with their iPod and phone?).  Although we haven’t tried them out here yet, these would be perfect for a day on the water since they are water-repellent, dry fast, and are even UPF 50+.  The only thing I didn’t like was that I would prefer to have a longer length.  These had an 11″ inseam which works for some, but I’m 6’2″ and like my shorts to go a little longer, so a longer inseam option would be nice.  Overall though, these are great and I’d highly recommend them!

M’s Granite Creek Pants – These pants are an awesome combination of comfort and style.  They have a lot of the same features as the Equatorial shorts but in a thicker fabric.  Although they look like touch canvas pants, they’re actually nylon which makes them dry fast and be much more lightweight.  Although they were too warm to wear when it was 90 degrees (and what pant’s aren’t), they were perfect for the mountain hikes we took them on.  6 pockets give you plenty of room to stash your stuff and all the rocks and sticks your kids want you to carry for them!  I was also really impressed with the triple stitched legs and the reinforced pant bottom so that you are less likely to get holes in them from stepping on them with your heel.  Seriously, they’re TOUGH, comfortable and really well made, which is just what I would look for in clothes.

M’s Equitorial Long Sleeve Shirt – My initial thought was “oh no, a long sleeve shirt in summer – bad news”.  I was wrong.  This shirt is super lightweight and breathable and is actually perfect for pretty much any weather.  With the sleeves down, you’re ready for cool temps or even a little rain.  Roll up the sleeves and you’re ready to chase your kids around the yard on a hot afternoon.  I’ve actually never had a shirt that’s as versatile as this one.  Just like in the pants, Mountain Khakis has found ways to pack this shirt full of pockets – all 4 of them (and 2 of them are hidden so it doesn’t look weird at all).  Thanks to Jimmy and his water spilling, I also learned that this shirt dries really fast.  The collar also buttons up high to protect your neck from the sun (though it looks a little funny so I’m not sure I’ll be doing that any time soon).  Yes, this one fit’s the tough criteria is one of the coolest shirts I’ve ever seen.


Hopefully this makes your Father’s Day shopping easier.  I have really liked all of these products as I’m sure any Dad would.


Mountain Khakis provided these pieces for review but these are our honest opinions that are never influenced by others.  

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