Pssssttt…we have a secret…and it keeps getting BIGGER!!!

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You’re all pretty familiar with these guys:

We like them a LOT.  They go everywhere with us.  Camping, hiking, skiing, rafting, and pretty much everywhere else.  It’s great, and most days, we just can’t get enough of them.

That’s why it was kind of a no brainer to keep adding to the clan.  Yes, that’s an announcement!

Baby #4 will be joining us the end of March!

Is this explaining the sporadic posting for the last couple months?

We are thrilled to death to be having another baby.  However, I’m not so thrilled to have to be pregnant to get there.

I’ll be honest, by baby #4 pregnancy has completely lost its charm and appeal.  I know exactly what to expect from myself, my emotions, and my body and all of those things aren’t particularly awesome.

Currently I’m 16 weeks along, and so far this has been my toughest pregnancy ever.  Now don’t get me wrong – my pregnancies are not bad.  I’m not the gal who spends 9 months bent over a toilet or one who’s constantly on bedrest.  For the most part, I can do what I want as long as I’m persistent.

Here’s how things have been going so far…

This time around I have absolutely NO ENERGY most days!  It’s infuriating.  I wake up exhausted, stumble through the morning routine, get Mason to school, move like a zombie trying to get anything else done in the morning, feed the kids lunch and then BAM!  About this point, I feel like I’ve been hit like a truck and can no longer function.  My brain turns fuzzy, my legs get weak, and I absolutely must sleep.  No, there’s no medical reason for this (Dr’s already checked), but most likely the fact that I have 3 other little kids who are still really dependant on me.  Because honestly, these guys wear me out on a regular day, so trying to grow a baby pretty much wipes me out!

It’s driving me crazy!

By the time the afternoon rolls around and I go get Mason, I’m still in a fog and can barely carry on an intelligent conversation with another adult (which is lucky for Chloe and Jimmy since that means I just play with them).  Don’t even get me started on the awesome dinners I’ve been making – edible yet, but far off par from regular!

Luckily, each afternoon, this guy comes to the rescue.  He finishes dinner while I go rest, gives the kids some much-needed play time (since even the thought of a game of tag makes me exhausted), and helps clean-up and get kids to bed.  Man, he even hides my belly in pictures – what’s not to love!  Oh, and since he doesn’t quite understand what it feels like for me, he keeps taking us all on adventures.  Honestly, that’s been a life-saver.  When we’re out there, my mind just can’t let my body sit and rest – I have to go experience everything with him.  The trade-off is an even more exhausted few days upon return – so worth it!


Luckily at 16 weeks, things are starting to get a little better.  I’m having one or two “normal” days a week where I can function like a regular person.  I know this will continue to get better in the coming weeks.  I’ll probably be feeling fantastic by the time I hit the third trimester where I will instantly regress to my tired  (and then HUGE) self.

Thankfully, the payoff of another little adventurer in the family is huge.  I just have to get through each day with that in mind!

Awesomely, there is one AMAZING thing about being pregnant this time – the best perk so far.  I’ll be representing Mountain Mama Maternity as an ambassador and am thrilled beyond belief.  If you haven’t tried out their clothes (maternity clothes for outdoor adventures) they’re some of my favorites – for pregnancy and every day wear.  Stay tuned for the latest from them as we showcase their clothing over the next 5 months!  It’s going to be awesome!


So yes, we’ll be mixing up our regular posts a bit to include more about pregnancy and baby.  If there’s anything you’d love to see us focus on (or avoid), let us know!

Here’s to another outdated family photo!



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