Protect your face with the cutest new hats for women and girls.

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Around here, sun protection is a major priority.  I mean seriously, have you seen how WHITE we are?  Top that off with the kids red hair and we could easily be the poster family for horrible sunburns.

Obviously we don’t opt to stay indoors because of it, so we wear hats, almost all the time.  Now wearing a hat is cool if you’re a man because it’s fashionable and cool to wear one.  For women?  Not so much.

That is until recently.

The past several years have seen a major change in hats for women.  Instead of everything looking like a floral version of what men are wearing, there are TONS of awesome options created just for us.  Yes, hats are changing from being simply a bad hair day mask to an actual accessory you WANT to wear.

Finally!  (All of you other pasty white people can start rejoicing!!!!)

Here are some of our favorite new styles:


Prana has been leading the way in the cute hat movement for years.  It’s no wonder that I’ve owned 4 (and while we’re on the topic, will whoever stole my brown one while we were at Tahoe please step up, ‘cuz I’m still sad about it 4 years later).  I’m pretty sure if you get one of their hats, you will NOT be disappointed.



Martha Cadet.  This hat is the perfect combination of rugged-ness and femininity.  Made of sturdy organic cotton, I feel like this hat says “just because I’m as tough as a man doesn’t mean I need to look like one”.  It is fitted with an elastic in the back (totally hidden of course) to make sure that it comfortably fits a wide range of head sizes.  As you can see, it isn’t a puny hat which makes it great for coverage and staying put.  I’m also a big fan of the rigid bill to help it keep its shape.  Available in cargo green, gravel grey, and tomato.  MSRP $38


Devi Cadet.  Made of jersey knit, this hat is soft comfy and lightweight.  The ruching all over it and the flower embroidery are both fantastic touches that scream – yes, I’m a girl!  Actually, the embroidery blends in so it’s a very soft accent, which works great without being overpowering.  This is a great choice for hotter days when you want a hat that will keep you covered without making you sweat like crazy, since it’s pretty lightweight.  Honestly, if you’re looking for the perfect hat to compliment nearly any outfit, this may be the one.  The blue color I’m showing here looks awesome with everything from jeans to khakis and everything in between.  To make things even cooler, Prana also makes a visor version of the Devi, if that’s more your style.  Like the Martha, the Devi has an elasticized back and a rigid bill to keep it on and your face covered up.  Available in blue, red, or brown.  MSRP $38


If you follow Bring The Kids in the winter, you’ll see at least one of us wearing an Ambler hat in almost every picture.  They are our favorite winter hats hands down.  We were thrilled when Ambler announced they would start making summer hats this year.  Here are some of our favorites.


Lucy.  This hat is simply yummy.  It is so soft and light, I simply love it.  Why?  Because it’s simple.  The Lucy hat is a cadet style hat with a small brim, cute band, and adjustable velcro back.  That’s it.  Yes, it’s beautiful because it’s simple.  My favorite feature is easily the adjustable velcro back.  Pony tails, here I come, because hats with the opening here are becoming rare!  As an added bonus, it makes for a better fit for people like me who have giant heads (and even fits kids too since it’s so adjustable).  Although I prefer a more rigid brim, the soft brim the Lucy has makes it perfect for throwing in your pack since you don’t have to worry about it getting misshaped.  Available in plum (pictured), cloud, and olive.  MSRP $36


Little Leaguer.  I saved my favorite for last.  Is this not the cutest hat you’ve ever seen?  WOW!  The second that I saw it I fell completely in love, but really, can you blame me?  Finding hats for kids is hard. It’s next to impossible if you don’t want a character or crazy logo on it.  This hat is the perfect solution.  It has adorable graphics that make it fun without being obnoxious.  Kids LOVE it, as you can tell by that adorable smile.  It adjusts with snap-type closures in the back which really helps it to fit well and grow with your kids.  Oh, and yes, that means that it’s ponytail friendly!!  Oh and it comes in a boys version too, that’s just as cute (which I’m pretty sure Mason needs).  Seriously, go check it out.  MSRP $30


If you’re looking for something that provides more coverage, make sure to check out the Lotus Hat from Pistil Designs.  My beautiful mother had this hat on our trip down Desolation Canyon last week (more on that soon) and it’s awesome.  It’s ridiculously soft, super lightweight, UPF 50+, and stays on even when the wind is gusting at 50 MPH!


Thanks to Prana and Ambler for providing hats for this review!

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