Camp Cooking: Pesto, Bacon, Parmesan Potatoes, OH MY!

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Yes, you read it right.  What could get better than all of these ingredients together?  Okay, I’m a HUGE potato lover when camping.  They are so easy because all you need to do is wash them, cover them in foil and throw a few on the coals whenever you have a fire.  Keep them in the ashes until your next meal and you will have most of the work done for you.  This recipe was inspired by a divine potato bar at a wedding we recently attended.  Yep, we are big believers that it’s important to have great food when you camp!

Potatoes Stuffed with Pesto and Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Image from Betty Crocker

Gourmet Potato Bar

1-2 baked potatoes per person, cut open lengthwise
(already cooked in your previous fire)

Choose any of these ingredients to add to your potatoes:
Sun Dried tomatoes
Parmesan cheese (grated)
Crumbled Bacon (either bacon bits or precooked and frozen bacon for simplicity)
Sour Cream

Best potatoes EVER!



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