Osprey Mira 34 Women’s Pack – My NewFAVE!

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A good backpack can be a parents best friend.  Aside from shoes, a backpack is easily the most used piece of gear that I have.  I take them on hikes, to the park, camping, on playdates, skiing, to the zoo…pretty much everywhere.

That’s why having a good pack that works well for a variety of situations is essential.

At the Outdoor Retailer show this summer I scouted out TONS of backpacks looking for one that could pretty much do it all.  Here’s what I came up with:


The Mira 34 from Osprey

After taking it on all of our adventures for the last 5 weeks (hiking, camping, rafting, climbing, and all around mom-duty tasks) this pack has quickly become my favorite everyday pack!


It’s a great multi-use pack that is not only incredibly comfortable, but it has TONS of features (see them all here).

Here are some of my favorite things about it:


-It’s small but not too small.  Meaning, it’s not crazy big so that I end up carrying everything on the planet (‘cuz my kids always find a few hundred rocks and sticks they want me to carry home for them), but big enough that I can carry everything we need for a day hike/crazy kid adventure.

-The fit is awesome!  This is actually the first women’s specific daypack that I’ve ever had, and I’m amazed at how well it fits.  Not only is the torso length more comfortable, but also the buckles are positioned so they’re in the right spot for a woman (a huge deal for the chest strap).

-It has my favorite hydration system EVER!  The bite valve opens enough to let water out, but not so much that it lets food in – which is a HUGE deal when a 6, 4, and 1 year old want to share your water (I often get food stuck in my CamelBak valve post-kid sharing!).  It carries 3 L so more than enough to keep everyone hydrated and happy.  Also, it has a magnetic clasp so that it stays put and you don’t have a tube leaking or bobbing all over your chest while you walk.  This feature is also Jimmy’s favorite to play with any time I carry him.

-Tons of air ventilation on the back.  No more sweat soaked t-shirts from a day of backpack wearing.

-The Shove-It pocket is absolutely perfect for storing the gear that the kids (and myself) are constantly taking on and off – super quick accessability, which is perfect for all your layers.

-Hipbelt pockets that are the perfect size for my keys, phone, and a snack.

-The color – It’s awesome, I know!

What I wasn’t crazy about…

– To access the main compartment, you have to unclip the shove-it pocket.  This can be a big pain when you have lots of jackets stuffed in there that you need to reposition.

-The main pocket has most of the storage down deep at the bottom.  It took me a while to get used to this since I had to be deliberate about putting bigger things in to make them fit down to the bottom well (however, the trade off is a much more comfortable fit, so it’s just a little learning curve).

-It’s pricey at $159.  Then again you get what you pay for and here you’re paying for a top of the line daypack AND hydration system.


Overall this is an incredible pack that I would HIGHLY recommend!


Thanks to Osprey for providing this pack to facilitate this review.

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