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Today, I’m thrilled to have Angela joining us here on the blog.  Angela is an amazing mom to three spunky and adorable kids, living at the foot of Utah’s Uintah mountains.  She’s an amazing adventurer, and today she’s sharing some great tips with us to have meaningful adventures with kids that DON’T get dragged down by school!  A perfect reminder this time of year – thanks Angela!

I love adventure!



I feel confident enough in my adventure prowess to Bring the Kids.


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As you can see, my problem is not in taking the kids. It’s being mentally with my kids when we’re having adventures so its not just how we spend our time. It’s bonding time.
Ok, my hang-up to being mentally with my kids…I’ll paint the picture for you:

I wake up in the morning and walk into the kitchen. On the counter, I find (along with a few dishes that didn’t get washed last night because, no, I am not one of those people that goes to bed with a clean kitchen) a stack of papers. I walk into my bedroom. Papers. I walk into my kids’ room. Papers. Papers, papers, papers. I feel inundated with papers!



Please tell me you know the feeling. How can you not, especially if you have kids in school? I swear teachers chant a mantra every morning “Five pages home tonight!” (I’m not trying to talk smack about teachers. I love you! I was you once, and I did the same thing.) School generates a lot of papers!
What do papers have to do with adventure?  I’ll tell you. PAPERS ARE SUFFOCATING. There is always a stack of papers hiding the address I need, or the homework that’s due today, or waiting to fall over and be cleaned up, or gone through and organized, again! For the third time! I try to be efficient about it, but I just don’t know what to do with them all. Every time we leave the house to go have fun I feel guilty, like I’m running away from the mess I should be taking care of at home. I swear I have a pile of papers in my head that I am constantly sorting and organizing, and that sucks my energy and leaves less and less of me to truly, genuinely engage with my children when we are out having fun. I have a hard time being in the moment.


Have you been there? Argh! It’s infuriating! Especially because I know it shouldn’t be this way.

Well….LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I have decided to change. I’m starting small and I’m planning to tackle one thing at a time, starting with the papers that come home from school. And, I have some help to make sure I teach myself right this time.


I discovered this awesome program over at POWER OF MOMS called the ORGANIZING FOR SCHOOL SUCCESS KIT. The tagline that caught my attention was “Overwhelmed by your children’s school papers and assignments? We offer simple, proven methods to set children up for success”.


That’s right up my ally.


Here’s what I love about this program

#1: It’s broken into sections.

Sections that help me recognize what needs to hang around for a few days, a few years, or a few minutes (my favorite!). Then it suggests where they should hang around, and these suggestions are doable for me. They’re not all cutesy and time-consuming. Simple and Get ‘er Done kind of suggestions.

#2: It’s not just a list.

It’s more like training, not just good ideas.

#3: It’s in two formats, podcast and written.

That has been huge for me! I like to listen to podcasts and I get lots of good ideas that way, but then I forget and I feel like I have to go back and listen again, and that’s boring. This way, I can listen once and then refer back to the written portion without going through all the “fluff” if you will, again.

#4: It gives me homework.

Each section has a homework section. Here are the ideas. Here’s why. Here’s what you need to do it. Now set a date and get it done. I like that. It’s small chunks so I don’t get overwhelmed and I’ll actually do it, but not so small that I get lost in the minute details of it all and completely get distracted from the end goal.

#5: The ideas make sense.

I am now finding myself making contact with papers and thinking “Oh, if I had my tickler file ready, this would go right in there,” or “Man, this is exactly what the sneaky sorter is for.” That keeps me excited.


Here’s what I don’t love:

#1: Work.

For some reason, my papers have not just up and started sorting themselves. Sucks, I know.


So far, that’s the only con.


Being organized for me is going to mean developing a whole new skill set that will take me way out of my comfort zone, but I’m counting on all the hard work paying off in big ways.  Number 1: I’m counting on being more mentally available for my kids. Number 2: I’m counting on teaching my crazies a few organization skills of their own now so they won’t have the steep learning curve I am having. I want independent, ORGANIZED adventurers and to teach them to be one, I have to be one.


I’m a work in progress.


Wanna join me on this adventure?  Here’s a giveaway for YOU!!

POWER OF MOMS has graciously provided one ORGANIZING FOR SCHOOL SUCCESS KIT to one of our readers. To win, just leave us a comment below. Tell us what your biggest mental hang-up to getting out the door and enjoying your adventures is. What kinds of things are lurking in the back of your mind that keep you from being genuinely engaged with your kids?  Giveaway ends at midnight on Halloween!



  • Amanda J says:

    Stacks and stacks of saved papers. Mail. Homework. To-do sort of crap from the newspaper — like a potluck in the community that happened 5 weeks ago… I am a packrat apparently! So, I am exhausted just thinking about sorting my “collection” on the table!

  • Sarah Austin says:

    These days it’s homework, and more homework. Both of my kids are in middle school, and the work is getting tougher. For my self employed carpenter husband it’s one more phone call or text from customers, or planning his next job. His mind is almost always on work. Getting his full attention doesn’t usually last too long.

  • Sara says:

    At times I don’t see the top of my desk, like most people I am inundated with paper work. However, some times when I am on an adventure with my family it is hard for me to mentally relax, to go with the flow and be present. To separate myself from wanting all the small details to be taken care of. To let go and have fun.

  • Tristen says:

    Getting out the door is mine! Papers, food, soccer (over now, yay!!!!), so many things pulling at me. Also it is so hot all summer, gets me out of the habit. But the weather has changed and we are tired of schedules so we are set up to get moving again!!

  • Corey Olomon says:

    My problem is constantly cooking, cleaning, child driving, etc.

  • kemberly crosswhite says:

    the one thing hanging me up is not having enough hours in the day….. For sure need help getting organized and mentally prepared for fun time with my two little boys

  • jodi says:

    making lunch, putting homework in backpack, answering phones, chasing pets, “I will just put this ONE thing away (10 minutes later and 10 items…”

  • Ronda says:

    From March through December 31st I am on call for my husband and his business. When they need something or break down I am who is called to get whatever they need out to wherever they are.

  • Rhea Chladek says:

    My biggest hang ups to getting out the door and enjoying adventures are these two factors:
    1. Financial
    2. Exhaustion after a taxing work week.

  • Kathy Anderson says:

    My biggest mental hangup is just being absolutely exhausted after a day’s work…plain and simple. I can’t quite find the motivation to head out the door!

  • Peter says:

    As a parent of a special-needs child, it’s difficult to come home from a day of work and have to brace for what might be happening at home. Might be nothing, might be a tremendous meltdown. Managing the papers that come home from school and from two health insurance companies and from his in-home support and the various doctors and others is crazy…. and I often just ditch it all to go out with him and do something outdoors instead. instead of the system, can I have an assistant?

  • My biggest mental block with getting out on adventures is probably the anxiety of remembering everything I need and the time it takes to plan it all. I am very much a person that needs to be prepared.

  • Yolanda Scott says:

    I get hung up on keeping everyone in line or not wandering off. Also, in the winter they require so much stuff. It takes a long time to get us all out the door.

  • Angela Saver says:

    My biggest mental hang up is worrying about the loose-ends that I haven’t completed, like paper work, paying bills, making appointments, etc.

    [email protected]

  • Kirby says:

    It’s logistics for me. We don’t have a car, and with a toddler and a newborn there is a lot of necessary stuff to figure out how to comfortably carry along with the children. I always seem to be scrambling for something!

  • Fiona N says:

    My biggest mental hang-up to getting out the door and enjoying my adventures is financial issue!

  • Wendy says:

    I just feel like I am being pulled into many directions, tying to do too many things at one time, and never fully completing anything. Between three kids and helping out my ailing mother, my poor house organization has taken a backseat. I really could use a hand getting things organized, it would save me so much time and keep my house much more in order.

  • Danalee Davis says:

    My biggest mental block is worrying about the cleaning and other household responsibilities.

  • Tama says:

    Sometimes I feel like I have things to do like dishes and laundry and floors and can’t leave the house to go to the park because I need to get these things done.

  • Tina Solomon says:

    I always have such a problem finding important papers and keeping track of my bills such a problem for me. O my do I need some help getting organized.

  • megan tilley says:

    Mine is I always worry I forgot things, papers, call, ect.

  • Nichol Tone says:

    My biggest hang up is worrying about all the things I need to finish when I get home instead of living in the moment with my kids

  • Shannon says:

    I can never just sit still, I’m always thinking of something I could be getting done. There’s always something.

  • sunnie says:

    Id say not enough time and money, my husband is a small business owner and it can be real stressful when money is not constitent.

  • jessica libby says:

    Our biggest mental hangup is by far money, we also have a one year old and it’s so hard to get out and do anything and takes forever to do things.

  • Rebekah says:

    Having enough time/energy to get things done with a newborn, toddler, and 7 yr old!

  • Most of my hangups revolve around work. Because I work at home there is always something else I could be doing.

  • Christina Anne says:

    That constant feeling of being overwhelmed. My house is never in order (or if it is, it doesn’t last long). I have tons of junk/paper piles. It’s very frustrating

  • Diana says:

    My biggest mental hang up is that I am going to forget something that is incredibly important or special and that my daughter is going to be disappointed in me one day and feel like I have let her down. Being a mommy is tough!

  • golden storm says:

    my mental hang up is stress,,i just seem to clock out and do things on automatic when I am stressed and it really does stop me enjoying my grandchildren as much as I should

  • My biggest hangup is the fact that we suffered an illegal foreclosure and were forced to downsize our home & crammed everything from a 3000sq ft living space into an 800 sq ft space without proper sorting, packing or storage. I have ADD & 2 kids with ADHD so I wake up every day “stuck” & NOT knowing where to start…

  • liz l says:

    Getting into an accident and not being able to go on

  • Danielle F says:

    I hate leaving the house knowing I am coming home to a mess. It is sometimes hard to get out the door because I feel like I have to get everything put away before I leave

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