Mud Pie Kitchen, Coming Right Up

It’s no secret that we like to take our kids out and have great adventures with them.  However, we totally realize that most of the adventures that they have are right in our own backyard – literally.  Because of that, we are doing our best to make our yard a fun and adventurous place for our kids to play.

Last week, one of my friends shared the mud pie kitchen that she made for her kids.  Oh my goodness, I thought that she was a genius!  Then I did a little search and found out that these little kitchens are EVERYWHERE.  How did I not know about these?  Have I been living under a rock or something?  Sheesh!  Anyway, thanks Tristen for enlightening me.





We basically wasted no time in making one of our own.  A quick trip to the thrift store left us well equipped with bowls, pots, pans, and spoons.  I used some old shelf brackets and screwed some scrap wood onto our fence.  Okay, I had to paint it and make it cute first…’cuz I can be a little OCD like that.  I also couldn’t resist cutting a circle in the board for our “sink” (a metal bowl).  I’m pretty sure I’m in love with this little nook of our yard.  It’s a good thing I took some pictures as soon as it was done, because I’m sure it will never look the same again!  In the few minutes it took me to go inside and put Jimmy down for a nap, the kids went from this…






to this!

What?  Do I have something on my face?

As you can see, the kids LOVE IT!  I mean, they have free rein to get muddy and make a mess.  It’s likely that I’ll regret making this someday (like if they go out to play before church), but for now, it’s AWESOME!  Oh, and our shower and hose are now working overtime thanks to this little creation!  I totally recommend making one of your own so you can have messy little monsters too!


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