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Over the past 7 years, I have become an expert on maternity clothes.  When you think about it, I’ve probably spent more than half of my time wearing them (when you factor in those few post-pregnancy months when nothing else fits quite right).  Until recently, I could truthfully say that I hated almost all of them.  I hated how frumpy they were, how they made me look about 10 times bigger than I actually was (every woman’s worst nightmare), how they were never long enough, and most of all that I had to fork out so much money on something that I loathed!  Well, with baby #4 almost here, I can FINALLY say that I’ve found the perfect maternity clothes:

Yes, Mountain Mama makes the best maternity clothes that I’ve ever found, and I’m thrilled to represent them as an ambassador.  They are cute, comfortable, and most of all let me keep doing all the active things I enjoy – even though most days that’s just chasing kids 🙂 – without having to raid my husbands closet.  They are made of technical fabrics that allow me to be just as happy and comfortable in my maternity clothes as I am in my regular clothes!  These shirts are pretty much all I wear now, and for once, I’m LOVING my maternity clothes (I never thought I’s say that)  WAHOO!

Here are some of my absolute favorites that you really ought to check out (and read to the bottom for a GIVEAWAY):


Lassen Hooded Maternity Jacket $129 :  I wear this jacket almost every day.  It is cozy and comfortable and I love that the belly area fits just right.  While it’s marketed as a softshell, I would probably classify it as a thick hoodie with a tougher outer layer.  It’s warm enough to wear alone on a warm-ish winter day (30+ degrees), but thin enough to layer under a shell for colder temps.  It’s really long which is perfect for me at almost 5’10”, and even the arms are plenty long (almost too long, shockingly).  I got a size large since I know that I get HUGE and that I wanted to wear this all the way up until the end.  It was a little big until about 25 weeks, but now at 32 weeks, it’s perfect and I know I will easily get 8 more weeks of wear out of it.  The only thing that I didn’t like was that the forearms were kind of tight so layering underneath it was a little tricky.

Cloudsrest Crossfront Top $48:  This top is my go-to piece for skiing and other active winter activities.  Its warm and cozy (though not as thick as the Lassen or Olympia tops) and still does a great  job helping to regulate my temperature.  My favorite feature of it is that it’s really modest and I don’t have to worry about showing too much off since the neck is right in the perfect spot.  I have worn this every year for the last 3 winters and love that it works just as good for maternity as it does for non-maternity (and is SUPER for nursing).  A super deal especially where baselayers are concerned.

San Juan Eco Hoodie $59:  I wear this top more than any other in my wardrobe.  It’s super soft and a perfect weight to wear every day.  My favorite thing about it is that it seems to fit me perfectly.  It’s fitted without being too tight and does a great job always covering up my big belly – and trust me, with baby #4 I’m HUGE!  Although the hood isn’t something that I ever really wear, it’s a fun accent to it that makes the piece just a little more sporty.  The only thing that I don’t like is that it’s a little looser and lower cut so I leave a pin in where it crosses to avoid embarrassing moments when my toddler starts to grab at my shirt.  The perk of this is that it’s amazingly easy for nursing, like we talked about here.

Olympia Softshell Pullover $75:  This is my go-to shirt for really cold days, and with this insanely cold winter we’re having, it’s getting lots of use.  It’s got all of the comfort of a favorite sweatshirt but still looks stylish and cute.  It’s looser than a lot of other tops, which was difficult for me around the middle of the second trimester, but now at 32 weeks, I’m filling it out nicely.  Made of the same material as the Lassen Jacket (not a traditional softshell) it’s sure to keep you really warm!


Whitney Long-Sleeve Eco Tee $49:  This is your basic long sleeve tee, but made of the same performance fabric as the San Juan and Orcas tops.  It’s simple so it’s easy to easily dress it up or down depending on the occasion – I’m all about clothes that can multi-task!  I have the teal one and one thing that I did notice is that it shows every little spot of dirt (which I get a lot of by myself my three kids), however the same fabric in black and purple hasn’t had the same problem.


Orcas Eco Crossfront $44:  This shirt is basically the San Juan hoodie with short sleeves and no hood.  Obviously, I love it.  It’s perfect because the short sleeves let me wear it to the gym for a workout or pair it with a cardigan for a winter look.  I know this will be getting lots of use when it’s warmer at the end of my pregnancy and especially for nursing!
“Expecting Adventure” logo tee CLEARANCE $18:
I strut around in this tee whenever I want to strut my pregnant stuff.  I think I’ve gotten more compliments on this tee than on any other shirt I own, and honestly it makes me feel good.  It says to the world “yes, I’m pregnant but this is going to be a great adventure”  Grab one quick before they all sell out!


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  • Ellen says:

    No real tips or tricks, but two things have made this pregnancy easier than my first, especially because it’s winter:
    1. learning to cross country ski and buying skis. (Oh, this is why people love Minnesota in the winter!)
    2. joining the YWCA in order to have a place to swim laps and take aqua aerobics classes. I have sciatica that starts very early in pregnancy, and swimming helps so much.

    Thanks for this giveaway!!

  • Kim C. says:

    One rule I have is to go outside WITH the kids instead of just sending them out on their own. With a fenced in backyard it is really tempting to send them out alone for my own sanity. But I know that I’ll end up feeling better with some fresh air as well. I need it just as much as they do!

  • stephanie says:

    oh i would love these, i don’t like most of my maternity clothes but then again most of them were given to me. these look great!!!

  • Megan K says:

    I would just say to stay active… because all of that baby fat is not easy to work off afterwards… :/

  • Keara B. says:

    One of my tips is that you know your body better than anyone else… but that also means you need to listen to your body and know when to take it easy! My other advice? Fresh air can really help with nasty morning sickness, so get outside and do something you love. 🙂

  • Hannah B says:

    I just keep doing what I was doing before I was pregnant, just making sure I am feeling good!

  • Debbie says:

    First of all Jessica, you look amazing. You may FEEL huge, but you look FANTASTIC!!!

    My advice is just do it! Often I don’t feel like exercising but I always feel better after I do and seem to have more energy. Also, don’t push yourself too hard and take breaks whenever you’re tired.

  • Janessa says:

    Would love these – I’ve eyed them since my first pregnancy. The best tip I have is to have a supportive partner who can lug around the gear I get too tired to carry, and provide a kind shoulder to rest on! (Now, with a toddler, his shoulders may get a little weary, though! 🙂 )

  • Christine M says:

    I think your clothes and shoes play a big part in being comfortable while active. No binding undergarments or waistbands or fabric that makes you feel hot or otherwise irritated.

  • Emily says:

    Hm… just finding things that are fun. I guess you have to make sure you are active BEFORE you get pregnant in order to stay active.

  • Em Ma says:

    Swimming was a great way for me to stay active while pregnant – low stress on my knees and ankles

  • Pauline says:

    WALKING! I have had major back surgery 2 times before becoming pregnant. Surprisingly enough walking is simple and kept me moving the best. Then I was able to continue walking with baby after.

  • Michelle says:

    Great clothes!!

  • Tina Z says:

    My pregnancy tip is for avid swimmers (and the lack of maternity speedos. When your normal suits get too tight around your hips, order a cheapo suit up one or two sizes and use a bikini top from TYR or Speedo underneath in your normal size to hold everything in. The bikini top straps will lie directly under your suit and your belly will feel free when you sit in the car on the way to the pool. It’s been a life saver for masters swim practices!

  • Hilary says:

    I am pregnant for the first time and have often wondered how much of my normal activity I can continue with. My doctor told me to listen to my body and don’t push it harder than I previously did. I’m still in the first tri, but I’m sure I will have lots of questions later on!

  • jessica chan says:

    drink lots of water

  • Kristen Hughes says:

    Move! Every day, move as much as you can!

  • Amy W says:

    The tip I have to remain active, is for the most part, try to keep the same lifestyle you had BEFORE you were pregnant. Obviously don’t over exert yourself, but try to remain active at the same level.

  • Lena says:

    You are one pretty mama 🙂 Walking and yoga always helped me (but by third trimester I was already ready to pop:)

  • aimee m says:

    i agree with comfy shoes and comfy pants

  • Claire says:

    Dont push yourself too hard!

  • Debbie Lewis says:

    Keep exercising but don’t push yourself. You also should get plenty of rest

  • Christina Anne says:

    Tips? Not sure…make sure to check with your doctor to make sure what you want to do is ok. There are lots of places that offer exercise for pregnant people…years ago when i was pregnant the local hospital had super cheap prenatal exercise. She gave tons of good advice.
    annejk112233 at yahoo dot com

  • DESIREE H says:

    A tip I have is to try to stay active the whole time during pregnancy and of course being easier on yourself towards the end to avoid putting yourself into labor early.

  • Schedule regular nature walks with all of your children. Fishing, picking blackberries, gardening, wild flower picking are all big hits with the Kiddos and keep me active.

  • hayley s says:

    Going for walks when it is cool out! Best time I found was in the evening when it was just cooling off 🙂

  • sky evans says:

    Go to the gym

  • Allison says:

    What kind of things can you do with hyperemesis gravidarum! Its changing everything.

  • Stephanie O'Day says:

    Stick with it. Don’t do too much or anything you don’t think you can handle. Don’t put too much stress on yourself or your stomach. A little bit will go a long way.

  • Amanda says:

    Just focus on exercise you enjoy – for me, that’s simply walking outside on a beautiful day.

  • Tracy says:

    I had two high risk pregnancies so I was NOT active at all during them. However, Origins Peace of Mind was so helpful to me for stress and nausea.

  • Sharon F. says:

    My tip is to drink plenty of water and stay as active as possible.

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