Make Your Own Garage Ski Rack for Cheap

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Folks, we have a problem.  As fast as our family is growing, we have something that’s growing even faster.  Our ski collection.  Now, many of you may ask why that would ever be a problem.  Well, if you had seen my garage, you would understand.  For the last 5 years our skis have “belonged” in whatever nook we could find.  However, as the bikes, strollers, and sleds keep multiplying, extra space is hard to find.  We’ve known for a while that we needed to come up with a good way to store them that would also be cost effective (by that I mean really cheap).  As I was browsing for a solution, I came across this idea.  Brilliant.  As soon as I saw it, I knew we would be making one since I already had most of the supplies, in the aforementioned overcrowded garage.

Here’s how we did it:


1- 2×8 board

2- shelf brackets

1- 3/4″ or 7/8″ drill bit



First, measure how long you want your rack and cut your board to that length.

 Next, mark where you want the back of your notches to go to.  We had ours go 2″ from the back of the board.  Mark the entire length of the board.





Now, mark where you want the notches to go.  We started about 3 inches from the end of the board, had each notch 3/4 inch wide and spaced them 9 inches apart.




Next, use your drill and drill a hole at the back of each notch.





Now comes the fun part.  CUT!  Yep, just use your saw and cut those notches out.





Finally, use a level to mark where you will hang your rack.  Screw in your shelf brackets and attach your board.

If you would also like to have a place to hang your poles, hammer in a few nails into the front of the board to hang them from.

Voila!  Ski storage problem solved.

Note:  Our plans are based on and very similar to these.   Make sure to go check out the original!

About Jessica Averett

Hi, I’m Jessica, a mom of 5 kids and married to my favorite adventure partner. I love to bike, ski, camp and hike. We've visited over 40 countries with our kids, but are equally happy on the road as we are exploring our home state of Utah.

14 thoughts on “Make Your Own Garage Ski Rack for Cheap”

  1. We made that same rack several years ago! In fact, I thought it was our garage in the photo for a moment. One addition we made was to install screw-in hooks (like the kind you hang bikes with) parallel to the ground and pointing out into the garage to that we could hang ski poles from them.

    This summer, we took down the rack, as with 8 pairs of alpine skis, 2 pairs of tele skis and 3 pairs of xc skis (which we strapped and then hung), we had outgrown it (even stacking skis 2 deep in the slots). Now we have cheap metal brackets at two foot intervals from the floor to ceiling so that the skis can lie flat suspended in two spots.

    Both of these ideas are MUCH better than skis tipped against each other in a corner! Cheers!

  2. “LIKE” this!! I’m going to pin it to my DIY board… hopefully we’ll have reason to have a collection like that someday 🙂

    • That would be great. Skis are great things to collect (at least that’s what I tell myself every time we buy another pair)!

    • Oh man, now I’ll need to do that! Seriously, that would look so nice. I do have some left over teal and red…now I just need some spare time.

  3. Awesome design – built mine this afternoon for 5 pairs of skis and poles. Went with a 5/8″ slot for most of them and the poles also fit in a slot. Great idea!!!

  4. This rack is a clever and useful design BUT….

    I have no way to verify other than to risk a pair of skis, but I’ve been told that this is a bad way to store the latest skis with rocker and probably doesn’t help your skis camber either. Allegedly it will warp the tips.

    Hanging your skis in a slot of whatever sort using the curve of the tips is not good for their rocker (presuming you have skis of recent enough manufacture to have rocker. Pinching them together too tightly, or leaving them all summer in their velcro carry wrap can warp their camber.

    Probably best to give each ski something simple to lean against or lie upon. Just an opinion.

    • Knucklehead, that’s the first time I’ve heard that opinion shared. Thank you. We have been storing our skis like this for years and have yet to have any problems with warping or ski damage. If that’s something that you’re worried about it’s probably best to find another option, but for us, it’s worked fine for 5+ years (even with really good skis).

  5. BTW, Bringthekids, based on your photo and my non-expert analysis, it looks to me like the only skis in your family quiver that might have relatively mild rockerrocker are the two smallest childrens skis. And most of your pairs are unwrapped.

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  7. Great idea this. I made it BUT used both sides of the wood and mounted it perpendicular to the wall. So skis on both sides. For five skis. 3 on one side and two (in between those) on the other. A support at the end up to the rafters. Really nice. Wish it could upload a pic.


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