L-Bow Mittens Review – Perfect mitts to keep snow out!

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Thanks for joining us for day 7 of our 12 Days of Outdoor Christmas.  Today we are excited to feature L-Bow mittens.  We first came across L-Bows when Mason was 1.  Like most kids, he had a hard time keeping his gloves on and was often crying because of his cold hands.  We started searching everywhere for something different, and were thrilled to come across L-Bows!

L-Bow mittens solve the major problems that kids have with mittens:  They stay on, they keep snow out, and they keep hands warm.  They are unique because they really do go up to kids elbows.  This keeps them on incredibly well.  We always put them on on top of our kids coats and it makes it easy (and tearless) to get and keep these gloves on.  Additionally, it keeps snow off of little wrists, an area where typical gloves often fail.  We also love that they can easily fit on either hand since there is a very generous thumb area (this also makes it easy to get thumbs into them).

Ultimately, none of these other things would be important, without mentioning their warmth.  In the three, going on four, winters our kids have been wearing L-Bow mittens, we have yet to hear a complaint about cold hands.  WAHOO!!  Warm hands=warm bodies=more time for adventures.

What we love about them:
–  Full Coverage
–  Warm
–  Fits either hand
–  Easy to get on
–  Waterproof

L-Bow also has a new technology that they use in their easy dry insert line.  These gloves have a removable fleece liner that keep hands warm while eliminating sweaty, clammy hands.  Additionally, the liner is easy to remove for washing, keeping gloves fresh and clean for longer.

We have been thrilled with our L-bow mittens for years and were excited when L-Bow agreed to share a pair with one of you.  L-Bow also makes other gear to keep kids warm and is offering our winner one of their Long Neck Headsocks, and a Long Neck Helmet Liner.  Yes, the winner of this giveaway is going to have a seriously warm kid!  Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

1.  Leave a comment telling us your favorite piece of outdoor gear.

2.  For an additional entry, blog, tweet or share this giveaway on facebook and leave us a link where you did it.

This giveaway will be open until December 7th at 11:59pm.


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