KAVU Strapvisor Review – How good is it?

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Parents – no need to fear.  We have not forgotten about you in this series.  Yes, we do believe that good gear can really help kids, but parents need awesome stuff too.  That’s why we’re happy to feature the KAVU strapvisor today.

Synthetic Strapvisor

KAVU designs simple, down to earth apparel and accessories that I’d be thrilled to take most places with me.  Not flashy or obnoxious, just high quality and function.  I feel like as a mom, I’m usually the last person that I worry about when we’re out and about.  I usually don’t forget snacks and jackets for the kids, but my pack is often void of anything for me.  That’s why I love the strapvisor.  It’s simple.  I can just throw it on, or into a pack and know that it will look and feel great whenever I need it.  I’m a huge visor wearer in the summer.  They let me keep my hair in a ponytail, while protecting my face (and reigning in all my flyaway hair) and keeping me cool.  My favorite feature about the strapvisor is that it adjusts with a strap, instead of velcro.  This means that it stays on tight (no old velcro holding it back) and doesn’t get my hair caught in it.  Easy-peasy.

KAVU Unisex Adult Synthetic Strapvisor Visor

I first fell in love with the strapvisor when I was working as a river guide.  I loved how light they were and that they dried insanely fast.  I think the river loved them too, as I lost more than I care to remember from frequently falling in (I wish I had learned and tied them on).  Don’t worry, I kept going back for more, and those hats served me incredibly well.  So much so, that I still love how great they are.

-Easy to adjust strap (no velcro!)
-Easy to take anywhere
-Functional, not flashy
-Easy to wash
-Keeps out the sun, while keeping you cool

-One size only.  Would be a little small on someone with a big head
-The bill comes flat, so you have to work it a little to get it shaped right (usually just the first couple times you wear it.

Overall, we really like these visors.  They’re simple.  They’re functional.  Really, what more could you ask for as a parent of busy kids?  A perfect fit!

We’re happy to share with you that KAVU has generously offered to share a strapvisor with THREE lucky readers.  Yes, 3!  Here’s how to enter:
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