Inspiring the Next Generation of Little Rippers

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There are few mountains that I’ve been to that are as all-around amazing as Snowbird.

The wide-open bowls.

The insanely deep chutes.

The crazy-deep powder days.

So when we were looking for a good way to get our kids excited about ski season, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take them on a pre-season tram ride (it also helped a lot that it was free with a canned food donation and we were already in Utah).

It was everything we dreamed it would be.  No crowds. Soft snow.  Sunshine.  Happy kids.  

For those of you who have followed us for a while, you know that Snowbird will always play a special role in our little family, despite this being the kids’ first visit there.  Andrew is a Utah native and Snowbird was his winter playground.  I went to college out there and logged hundreds of days skiing between my, um, busy study schedule.  We met on a chairlift there 9 years ago, after we both hopped in the singles line.  Pretty sweet, eh?  Yes, all of this started thanks to Snowbird!

We may have talked this little outing up A LOT, so our kids were absolutely giddy.  This was their first time on a tram and for them it might as well have been the worlds best amusement park ride.  When we reached the top, the real fun began.

Quickly, the kids were rolling and sliding around on their first substantial snow of the year.  However, shortly the silliness turned to awe as they realized that they were standing up on the top of some crazy awesome mountains.

In no time, Andrew was regaling Mason with tales of his wilder days when no one cared that he was doing back-flips off of 40-ft cliffs (something I’m not in favor of now with 3.5 kids).  I could overhear them scouting out imaginary lines, the cliffs to jump and the tricks they would do (not that Mason can really do any though).  Those boys were in their happy place.


Meanwhile, I overheard Chloe telling her cousins about all the cool things 4-year-olds can do on their skis, with no small amount of pride attached!  She’s a skiing girl and PROUD of it!

Success!  They’re only 4 and 6 and I think it’s safe to say that they’re real skiers!

Snowbird wins again with some serious inspiration to my little rippers.


Well I guess it wasn’t all perfect.  Jimmy was getting a first hand lesson in cause an effect as he wouldn’t keep his mittens on and was quite upset about his cold hands.  Such is life when you’re a strong-willed little guy!


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