How To SAVE BIG on your next Airbnb rental

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As we’ve already talked about, we lived primarily in Airbnb’s for the whole year that we were traveling with our family.

When you consider that we lived in 17 different countries, that’s A LOT of Airbnb’s!

Along the way, we’ve learned some pretty great tips and tricks that helped us to SAVE BIG by living in Airbnb’s (making our year of travel cost less than a year of living in the U.S.)

Outdoor dining at Airbnb in Mexico with private pool
Outdoor dining at Airbnb in Mexico

4 Tips that will save you big money on your next Airbnb rental:

  1. Save $40 by booking through this link

When you’re traveling, expenses add up quick, so we’ve partnered with Airbnb to get you $40 off your first booking.  You don’t need a code or anything, just head over here and the discount will automatically be added to your account.


  1.  ALWAYS Negotiate (Politely)

In the world of Airbnb, there’s always room for a little negotiation.  Start by first introducing yourself and explaining the purpose of your visit.  Next mention something about their listing that makes you really want to stay there.  If a host gets to know you, they’ll be much more likely to want to work with you.  You can then politely ask for a discount.  You could start by asking for a percentage off, or even a dollar amount.  If you’re staying for 6 days, go ahead and ask the owner if they would be willing to give you the weekly discount.  It also often works to ask if they will reduce or waive the cleaning fee or eliminate the fee for extra guests (this is especially true with kids).  Just remember to always ask politely because if you’re demanding or pushy, the host will probably never agree to your request.

Beach outside of Thailand Airbnb Koh Lanta Thailand
Beach outside of Thailand Airbnb Koh Lanta Thailand
  1.  Stay longer

One of the best secrets about Airbnb is that almost all listings will give big discounts off their nightly stay for weekly and monthly stays.  We’ve stayed in places where we lived for an entire month and got a discount of 65% off the nightly rate (and that’s before any negotiation).  Because of this we ALWAYS search by the week or the month (4 week period) to get the best possible rates.  If we are planning on staying somewhere for 22 days, but we get a massive discount for booking an entire month, we always book the whole month, even if we won’t use it the whole time (remember, it’s polite to tell the host if you’re doing this, so it’s easier for them to get things ready for the next guest).  Take note that if you’re just staying for a night or two, staying in an Airbnb probably won’t be the cheapest option.  If a property has a $150 cleaning fee, you pay the same fee if you’re there for one night or one month.  If it’s a short stay, that makes your per night price significantly higher.

  1.  Create a profile

Your Airbnb profile is a chance for potential hosts to get to know you.  Remember, that for many of the hosts, this is their HOME.  If they know and like you, they’ll be much more willing to want to work with you AND give you a great deal.

Before you book, make sure you’re asking your host the right questions.  We’ve got 10 questions you should always ask an Airbnb host HERE.

In the end, Airbnb is a fantastic option for travelers, and can allow you to save A LOT OF MONEY and have the conveniences of home.  It’s consistently cheaper than hotels (especially for big groups and families), and since most Airbnb’s come with a kitchen you can save TONS by not eating out at every meal!


Want to learn more about our families experience living in Airbnb’s for most of a year?  Head over here to see what we learned!


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