How to Pee Outside – A Video Tutorial for Women and Girls

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Yes, it’s true.

We really did make a video showing women how to pee outside.

How can women pee outside without a toilet?

Well, it’s not as hard as a lot of people think it is, which is exactly why I made this video.

Why?  Because peeing outside is hard and a lot of women are limited in what they can do by their access to a bathroom.

If you adventure, travel, hike, camp, or just have a tiny bladder like I do (of have had lots of kids, ahem), you need to know how to pee outside.


Yes, it’s absolutely possible to go pee without a toilet, and I’m here to show you how.


Go ahead, watch this clip (it’s totally G-rated, promise) and expand your adventure horizons beyond the reach of bathrooms!


woman hiking outside hiking trail woman woman overlooking mountains summit woman woman on summit woman mountain


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