How to Pee Outside for Women – Tricks, Tips + How to Video!

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Sometimes it just seems like men have it easier.  No one cares, if they wear the same clothes twice in a row, it’s considered TOUGH not to shave, and when they have to pee, they can go just about ANYWHERE!
While I’m not here to tell women to throw their hygiene out the window, I am here to tell you that women can pee outside too – and it’s easier than you think (seriously, scroll down for the how to video).

How to pee outside for women – everything you need to know

In theory, peeing outside isn’t hard.  I mean, women have been doing it for thousands of years…BUT it never seems to be a simple task.  The thing is that most women are trying to figure out how to pee outside THE WRONG WAY!  Honestly, it’s a weird topic to bring up so no one talks about it, but there is absolutely a wrong and a right way to pee outside.  Now that I know the right way how to pee outside, I prefer taking a squat just about any day to using a sketchy toilet or outhouse.  Here, I’m going to teach you THE RIGHT WAY to pee outside and at the bottom I’ve even included a video that I made with step by step instructions (which also happens to be wildly popular on YouTube with almost 500K views – proof that you’re not the only one who wants to learn how to pee outside the right way!)

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Why would a woman want to pee outside??

Honestly, I’ve had people ask me this question again and again.  The simple answer is that not everyone likes to stay inside all day long.  Or perhaps you like to get off the beaten path a bit and don’t want to have to run back to civilization whenever nature calls.  Or maybe you’re in a place where the toilets are so absolutely horrible that you’d much rather squat behind a bush than go inside to take care of business (I’ve seen plenty of those).

Need to figure out how to teach girls how to pee outside and help them?  We’re written all about that here.

Whatever your reasoning for wanting to pee outside, there are plenty of options to fit just about any situation or individual.

Where are the best places for women to pee outside?

When you are going to pee outside, choosing the right spot to pee will make all the difference between a nice simple task to a chore that leaves you with pee all over your shoes and pants.

First and foremost, you’ll want a bit of privacy, so going behind a hill, a pile of rocks, or some bushes is usually your best bet.  To avoid contaminating and water sources, try and stay at least 200 feet from water as well.

When you’re choosing a spot to pee, look for nice even ground or a slight hill, so that the pee can run downhill away from you.  If it’s available, I prefer to pee in a spot where there are a few rocks that I can balance on that are a bit higher from the ground since this cuts back on the risk of splashing on myself.


Step-by-step instructions for peeing outside for women and girls

1.  Dig yourself a hole.

Ideally, you should dig a hole that’s 8-12 inches deep, especially if you need to poop or bury your toilet paper (note, burying toilet paper isn’t the best leave no trace practice, but sometimes you just need to do it!).  If the ground is loose, you can use a rock or a stick, but I recommend keeping a trowel on hand just for these situations (we keep one in our car so it’s easy to grab on any adventure.  I like this one because it’s big enough to dig a hole quickly, but also super lightweight.

2.  Squat as low as you can

If you’re rear is in the air or your thighs are burning, you simple aren’t low enough.  I lived in rural Africa for a while and learned a thing or two about squatting, and let me tell you, lower is better.  I generally squat low enough so that the back of my thighs can touch my calves and stand on the balls of my feet.  This helps you stay balanced and eliminates the risk of falling over into a puddle of pee.

3.  Spread your feet at least shoulder width apart

Actually the farther apart you can spread your feet while still staying balanced the better.  When you start peeing, there will usually be a bit of splashing so keeping the feet farther apart helps to keep your shoes dry.  Oh, and while we’re at it, I recommend pulling your pants up just a bit as well.

4.  Use a tree or a rock to balance yourself

Sometimes it’s just really hard to feel stable and balanced when you’re peeing outside.  You’ll likely be hiding behind some sort of vegetation or rocks for privacy, so don’t hesitate to grab on for balance.  Sometimes just having a hand on something (or if you need to, literally hug the tree so you don’t fall over), can make a huge difference in your comfort level.

Do female urination devices actually work?

If you’re not wanting to squat or maybe just want a little more freedom with where you pee, a female urination device is a fantastic option.  These devices essentially catch your pee and funnel it outward, just like a man would pee.

Like you might expect, there is a bit of a learning curve to figuring out how to use a female urination device without a mess.  My biggest tip is to try it at home for a few days so you can learn how to position it as well as, ahem…aim it.

Most of them are either fairly wide at the top or have some sort of way to suction onto you to stay in place.  All of the major brands have some sort of carrying case so you don’t have to worry about cleaning your female urination device on the go.  Two of best on the market are the SheWee and the Go Girl


Go ahead, watch this clip (it’s totally G-rated, promise) and expand your adventure horizons beyond the reach of bathrooms!

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13 thoughts on “How to Pee Outside for Women – Tricks, Tips + How to Video!”

  1. Over the years I’ve had to pee outsde lots of times. Never pee on hard surfaces like cememt or rock. Never push your jeans and panties below your knees. I squat in a position similar to the video
    Something to wipe with is a must too.
    Dry sand is great to pee in. The sand soaks up your pee as fast ay you are peeing in it.
    The splatter is the most annoying problem. To overcome the splatter I pee on flowers that grow only a few inches tall like Allysium or Lobelia. Grass is also good to pee on.
    If available I pee in water such as a creek. This works very well and you don’t have to worry about where your pee is going to go either.


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