How To Organize your Ski Gear for Stress Free Packing!

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Skiing is great, but getting all the gear together and loaded up can easily be one of the worst parts of the day.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way?  What if you had a system in place so you really could just grab everything you needed and GO??

Here, I’m going to show you exactly how we do that WITH FIVE LITTLE KIDS!!  Honestly, if we can do it, ANYONE CAN!

Now in the video below, you’ll see exactly what it looks like for us to grab our gear and get out the door (and seriously watch it all so you can see the craziness of getting gear ON 5 kids!).  From start to finish, it takes us about 10 minutes.  Add 5 minutes if we’re packing a lunch.

Seriously.  That’s it.

Here’s what makes our system work so well:

  1.  Gear we use regularly goes in our hanging organizer.  Each kid has a designated section and all their gloves and hats ALWAYS go in there.  This is a total game changer friend.  Head over and buy yourself one – I’m pretty sure it will be the best $8 you’ve spent in a long time!
  2. Gear we use just for skiing stays separate from everything else.  Neck warmers and the ski harness always stay in the duffle, and the helmets and goggles always go in our big bin.  Yep, as soon as the kids take their helmets off after they ski, they toss them in our big bin and it goes straight into the basement.  I never have to think about them.  When it’s time to go, I do a quick count to make sure they’re all there and just toss the whole thing in the car.
  3. We only keep out the skis and poles that we use.  Because we have kids who are always growing, we have several extra pairs of skis that are in between our kids current sizes AND we have several pairs of adult skis.  However, with our current set-up, we only keep one pair of skis (and poles) per person accessible.  That way the kids can totally be in charge of loading them up.  I don’t have to ask them if they grabbed the right pair for everyone, they just know to grab them ALL!

A few things to note before you head out the door.  All of our kids are wearing their ski clothes up to the hill.  In fact, if they don’t have their ski clothes on, they don’t get breakfast.  Everyone is expected to wear baselayer tops and bottoms and then an insulating mid layer (usually fleece), with wool ski socks.  They also are all responsible for making sure that they wear their snow boots.  This one isn’t a major issue since for the most part they will just get their ski gear on at the car, but occasionally, we stop and play in the snow on the way home, so it’s always good to be prepared!

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Hi, I’m Jessica, a mom of 5 kids and married to my favorite adventure partner. I love to bike, ski, camp and hike. We've visited over 40 countries with our kids, but are equally happy on the road as we are exploring our home state of Utah.

1 thought on “How To Organize your Ski Gear for Stress Free Packing!”

  1. Thanks! I’m trying to learning how to organize our gear! I have four young kids.

    How often do you wash ski pants/jackets? Each time? What’s your system there… After the wash, how do you store your clothes? Maybe I need a special bag for gloves/hats, to go into the clothes bin. Any tips on washing waterproof clothes to keep them water proof?

    We have a bit of a drive to the top of the mountain, I don’t think we can wear our gear that long… Maybe we’ll just keep to wearing our under layers, and get dressed at the top. But, they hate getting dressed at the top…

    I need a system for that…


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