HELP!!! My Kid HATES Snow!

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It’s a beautiful morning.  The sun is shining, the air is crisp, and there is snow on the ground.  Oh, and my son is crying.  No, not because he doesn’t want to go to school, but because there is snow on the ground AGAIN!  Yes, I’ll admit it, my son HATES the snow!

a little anti-snow anger going on here!

Honestly, it’s something that has taken me by surprise.  When he was little, he wanted to be out in the snow from the second he was awake until it was time for bed.  However in the last few years that has changed.  My boy who normally LOVES to be outside wants only to stay inside on snow days now.


You see, my husband and I are relatively obsessed with winter.  We love the snow and love to be out playing in it.  Skiing, snowshoeing, skating, sledding, forts, snowmen…you name it and we like it.  So to have a kid who hates snow is difficult for us.

On skis, the kid is all smiles…but we can’t ski EVERY DAY!

The interesting phenomenon is that he is still completely obsessed with skiing.  He is always up for a little snowshoeing or ice skating, and he has a hard time saying no to an intense round of sledding.  Okay, thankfully the really cool stuff stuck with him so maybe I shouldn’t complain, but I still worry about everyday outdoor time.  He only will willingly participate if it’s a BIG adventure like this.    Luckily, we know how to do winter adventures, and do them quite well, but with a full day of school and the sun going down so early, those can only happen on the weekends.  Forget backyard play, forts, or snowmen, and don’t even think about sledding at the easy hill at our local park.

Why doesn’t he like it?  He says it’s just too cold when it touches him.  Honestly the kid has more warm weather gear than most adults, but it’s all come down to this in his book.  ARGH!

So what are we doing about it?  Nothing.  Honestly, I need some ideas and inspiration.  He’s 6 and I really can’t make him do it if he doesn’t want to, especially since I have 2 younger kids who constantly need my help.

What has worked for your kids?  How do you get them to enjoy playing in the snow?  Please share your ideas!


  • E B says:

    I would say just give him time and space to rediscover on his own. It’s not worth a battle, especially if it causes any kind of resentment which might spread to the other activities he still enjoys!

  • Suzi says:

    If he’s still willing to go out on adventures on the weekend, maybe just take a break with the after school stuff. Does he have any opportunity to get out and about during the day – maybe walk to/from school? It could be he’s adjusting to a full day of school and just wants to play with his toys. If he needs more active pursuits, what about something indoors like gymnastics that is great for balance and coordination in all sports including skiing.

    • bringthekids says:

      He doesn’t get out much during the day. His school is a few miles away so I have to drive him and they cancel recess insanely quick there. I like the idea of gymnastics though- he did it a few years ago and loved it – this could be a great time to revisit it!

  • Audra says:

    Here are a couple of ideas that might shift his interest:
    1) If you have a local children’s zoo, try adopting a winter animal whereby he could the animal with a zoo keeper and possibly feed the animal. We did this yesterday in snowing, cold weather with four little girls. (My daughter chose to adopt a few zoo animals for her birthday instead of getting presents from her friends. Then she invited her friends to go to the adoption with her.) They got to feed the reindeer biscuits then visited Santa. The zoo was absolutely magical with the snow and the girls loved playing in the snow at the zoo – something we all enjoyed doing.
    2) Last year, I bought a snowman coloring kit from Cabela’s. The “kit” simply turned out to be watered down food coloring in a spray bottle. I think you could make this yourself. Our little girl loved painting the snow. If you don’t mind your yard looking like the crayon box exploded then he might just enjoy painting the snow.

    Hope that helps!

    • bringthekids says:

      LOVE the adopt an animal idea. That would be right up his alley. I’m calling the zoo today to see if they do that here!

  • Em says:

    The same thing happened to my 5 year old son! He loves to go sledding, and when we had our one epic snowfall, he was excited to play in it… but he did not last outside even a quarter of the time my daughter and 3 year did. He’s been like this for the last year – HATES the cold. I thought it maybe started from a few camping trips where he was too cold. He will play outside until he his hands and feet hurt. Knowing he gets hot cocoa is the only thing that really entices him. But if you have any great ideas, let me know!I wonder if it’s just his personality and I can change it…

  • Tristen Lawrence says:

    Sounds like you are doing the right thing. I wouldn’t press it which would obviously make it a bigger issue. Just let him get very bored and then go play with the other kids outside and if he wants to join he will. 🙂 But it’s frustrating when your kids hate an entire season of the year. 🙁 I can already guarantee mine will have the same issue if we end up in Colorado. Soft California kids.

  • Marta says:

    Wow. You do have a tricky situation. I love the idea of adopting an animal and having a real responsibility for it. Working with animals teaches so much about real life and it would give your Mason something to look forward to every day while he’s at school.

  • marta says:

    Okay, I have another idea. Hear me out.
    What about volunteering at a petting zoo, or the Humane Society where the animals really need a person. Sure, they’re not really going to just turn a 6 year old loose (and this makes a ton more work for you) but maybe there is a certain animal who Mason could play with and then muck out the stall / cage once a week. This would give him a sense of ownership and accomplishment. And you wouldn’t have to get him a pet of his own 🙂

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