Growing up in Summer

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I can hardly believe that it’s August already.  Time has flown by so incredibly fast.  We’ve been on adventures left and right, many of which will never make it to this blog, but such is life!  I’d rather be out enjoying life than sitting at my computer writing about it anyway!


It almost brings me to tears when I think that Mason will be starting first grade in 2 weeks.  Did you know that they want him to go every day all day long?  I’m seriously struggling with that.  In my mind, my sweet 6-year-old should be running around climbing trees and catching bugs for a few more years before he’s stuck behind a desk for so long each day.

Luckily, he’s thrilled to go back and see his friends and keep learning.  It helps to lessen the blow…just a tiny bit.
I’m always amazed how much my kids grow in the summer.  Yes, they’re getting bigger, but most of the growth that I see is coming from far deeper.  They are becoming strong and brave.

Chloe is Masons little shadow and is constantly doing everything he does, even if it scares her sweet little heart to death.  She’s on a constant race to keep up with him.  She’s a little fish in the pool and has gotten the sweetest little tan I’ve seen in my life.  If she wouldn’t kill me later, I’d show a picture of it to all of you!  She is filled with compassion and kindness and is always looking for ways to help.  She’s turned into my up for anything kid.  She loves everything about our adventures and often asks me “What kind of adventure should we have today, Mom?”  It’s super rad.  3-year-old girls might just be the best thing the world has ever seen!

Mason is unstoppable.  The boy thrives on being outside and exploring.  He’s an amazing swimmer and is learning how to dive with the help of some awesome girls I know from church, and the fact that we’ve been living in the pool this summer.  His confidence is skyrocketing as he’s great at biking, tree climbing, swimming, and just about everything else he tries.  My shy little boy is finally starting to show his true colors to the world – the colors that I’ve been seeing for 6 years.  Watch out folks, this kid is destined for greatness.

Jimmy, well Jimmy is growing far too fast.  After taking forever to walk, this boy is taking off.  The baby is quickly disappearing from this sweet boy and will be replaced by a silly toddler faster than I can even imagine.  He adores Mason and Chloe and is always chasing them around the house and the yard.  It’s a pure joy to see the world through his eyes as he experiences everything for the first time – one of the true joys of parenthood!

In the meantime, we’ve been playing like crazy people.  You may have guessed that by the increased spacing of posts here – we’ve been to busy out on adventures to spend time sitting down to write about it – HA!  Soon life will take on a different routine as we settle back into school, where I’ll be longing for the carefree days of summer where I can enjoy my kids and soak up this precious time with them.

Summer is magical!


  • E B says:

    Good times. I was just remembering roommate days and what a happy bunch we were – not surprised you and your kids are having fun together too!

  • 911shazza says:

    Summer is incredible for growth with kids. I just love it!! Our little guy is going into grade two. Full days were hard on him last year. One thing that helped was we picked him up and let him play on the playground with his friends and little brother most days even in winter. Just an idea for you!!

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