Great Gear for Outdoor Babies

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Yes, baby is totally on the brain around here.  We’re busy getting everything ready for #3.  Mostly, we’re overwhelmed by the massive amount of stuff that we have for him.  We’ve saved most of the “gear” type of items (strollers, swing, crib, etc.) as well as clothes.  Honestly, why do we have so much stuff for someone so little?  Andrew calls it Babies-R-Us syndrome.

Babies-R-Us Syndrome:  When a newly expecting couple walks into Babies-R-Us and is convinced that they NEED all of the insane amounts of baby items available.  This pheonomenon is mostly due to the massive amount of choices presented and “lists” sharing all of the things you NEED for a baby…

It really is quite insane.  However, I admit to being a little sucked into it.  I mean, if you had taken our swing away for those 2 months when it was the only thing to soothe Chloe, I would have killed you.  Likewise, it’s a little easy to get carried away because 1.  Everything is cuter when it’s small, and   2.  We want our kids to have the best of everything to it’s easy to get carried away with stuff.

Well, for the past few months, I’ve had a reminder staring me in the face everytime I open up the cupboard…

Stainless Steel Baby Bottle

Isn’t this bottle awesome?  Klean Kanteen sent us this bottle to review with our new baby and I’m so pumped about using it.  It wasn’t until last week that it hit me that I could actually review it before baby arrives (since he won’t really be giving me useful feedback).  Here are some awesome things about this bottle:

-BPA free
-Choices for slow, medium, or fast flow nipples (I would totally recommend slow for a newborn)
-Available in 5oz and 9 oz size.  (We prefer the bigger size because it feels like kids outgrow smaller sizes too quickly.)
-Doesn’t retain tastes/smells and doesn’t taste metalic
-Is marked with lines on the inside of the bottle for easy measuring.
-Nice contoured shape so baby can hold it easily.

Honestly, I’m so excited to start using this bottle.  While I almost exclusively breast-feed, I always work on getting my baby to learn to take a bottle early so that I can have a little more freedom and get away for a few hours.  How cool is it to think that this little guy gets a bottle as tough as everyone elses?  WAHOO!  It’s a little pricey, starting at $18.95, but I’m sure it will last great.  Is it totally necessary?  Of course not.  I’m sure that your baby will grow up just as happy without it.  However, if you’re looking for a sweet bottle to make you and your baby feel just a little tougher, get it!

While we’re at it, here are a few other fun splurges that have caught my eye recently:

1.     2.                                               3.  Celestial Blue Baby Snowsuit   4.  56. Patagonia Baby Sun Bucket Hat  7.                                                     8.     9.  Infant Boy Steens™ Hoodie



1.  KidCo Pea Pod   2.  Salus Bijoux Baby Life Vest  3.  MoleHill Mtn Baby Snowsuit  4.  Lucky Bums Serenity Sleeping Bag  5.  Beco Gemini Baby Carrier   6. Patagonia Baby Sun Bucket Hat  7.  Keen Coronado Shoes  8.  Mountain Mama Outdoor Alphabet Onesies  9.  Columbia Steens Hoodie  10. Baby Banz Sunglasses

No, you don’t really need any of these things, but it’s fun to get something “extra”… just because.  I mean if you’re going to buy something wouldn’t you rather it be something that you like?  Enjoy!


Klean Kanteen did provide us with this bottle to review, but these are all our own opinions.


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8 thoughts on “Great Gear for Outdoor Babies”

  1. After having my babies i have learned that you can not have most gear, but the bottles/water bottles you can’t live without, and I will never go without my Beco. i am SUCH a fan of the beco, I’m afraid that you might have to add it to your list. 🙂 So excited for you guys, bringing a new baby home is the best experience ever!

  2. Every person in my family has their own Kleen Kanteen. We tried other brands, but have liked that one the best. Even though they’re pricey, they have lasted us for YEARS without yucky plastic taste.

    The peapod is also a favorite of ours. We don’t even own a portacrib, so it was a must-have for vacations. Actually, when we moved around for internships, we just used it as our main crib, so Samuel NEVER in his life slept in a real crib. He slept in a peapod until he was 3.

  3. So did you really suck out of the nipple to see if you could taste metal?

    I think the sunglasses look pretty cool!

    • Ha! No way. I just drank out of it like a cup! I mean I may be going a little crazy lately, but not that much.

  4. We had some baby banz when our boys were younger, they look very cute, but they grew out of them very quickly as they seem to have very large heads, in fact my 3 year old’s head measured only 1cm smaller than mine! I do have a small head though 🙂


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